FIFA 20, an in-depth review

New game review of all game modes, graphics, and disruption around the community



Kendall Waston and FC Cincinnati now available in FIFA 20. Photo Courtesy of BFordLancer48

FIFA 20 is THE game for anyone that loves the beautiful game of soccer.

For me, soccer is one of the greatest sports of all time just because of its history and it is the most popular game in the world. EA Sports also feels the same way because FIFA 20 is their longest running game in their sports series and has done great. I am an avid player of FIFA since 2008 and have purchased every game since then and I am pretty good at it. This is a full in-depth review on the newly released EA Sports game, FIFA 20.

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is the world federation of soccer. The video game by EA Sports is one of, if not the greatest game to ever grace God’s green earth and all of the greasy teenagers and child-adult’s hands all over the world. FIFA 18 in 2017-18 was one of the highest grossing games of that year raking in $2 billion in the year and over three in its lifetime. FIFA is the 12th highest grossing franchise in the world; gaining around $10.8 billion since 1993.

Game Modes

Volta Football
In-game picture of the new game mode, “Volta” street soccer. Photo courtesy of

Over the years, FIFA games have been heavily changing with their game modes and their additions of leagues and teams while also removing some teams. In FIFA 20, EA announced and presented “Volta Football” and for my OG players that is futsal. Volta Football mode lets you play on the streets of Brazil, Amsterdam and the United States of America and play with your own custom player all the way down to your shoe laces. Playing in Volta mode allows you to play 3 on 3 street soccer and it is first to 4 goals with two 3-minute halves. It is a fast paced, skill-based competition that puts you head to head with some of the best CPU players from each of the three countries listed above.

Sign and sell players, start a youth academy, scout all around the world, play in some of the biggest cups and even play as your own team instead of simulating matches.

Career Mode

Career Mode is a mental and logic game because of the feature of playing as the manager and coaching your own team to a glorious victory. As a manager are able to do the following: Pick your own team to manage, sign and sell players, start a youth academy, scout all around the world, play in some of the biggest cups and even play as your own team instead of simulating matches to move the season along quicker. If you chose to play as a player in career mode, you play as a custom player and place yourself on a squad of your choosing. In this mode you are playing as your custom player in a first person and third person form only controlling your specific player with the objective of scoring goals, creating chances, or defending your half of the field varying on your players position.

Career mode is my favorite mode to play in and this year my favorite club of all time, FC Cincinnati is in the game so I had to manage them first. EA never really disappoints in this category of the game and I was not disappointed in it at all. I used to be an avid FUT player but I have transitioned into the business side of the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

FUT is a game mode where you are the general manager of your own club. Similar to manager mode, FUT allows you to access more of the playing of the video game as playing as the whole team because “Play Now” mode is too boring. FUT is mainly used for competitions and to play against friends and foes online.

FUT is based on the player creating the “Ultimate” squad and going head to head in full matches and even in mini games and challenges within the mode like drills and pro clubs. FUT is where EA Sports and FIFA make their real money because of the option of buying “Packs” to upgrade your team to its full potential. Buying packs can run you up a lot of money because it requires the in-game purchase of FIFA Points, the in-game currency that allows you to buy packs if you don’t have enough coins. A decent size point amount can run the buyer up to $99.99 for 12,000 points and its lowest price being $0.99 for just 100 points. That isn’t even enough to buy a gold pack to get mediocre players. Being able to compete with people all over the world in competitions is amazing and I believe Elder could make this part of their E-Sports team if they can get some experienced players like myself.

FUT Head
Rookie Frankie Amaya in FIFA 20 for his first ever card

FIFA 20 has some work to be done with reports across the globe of players raging because of random glitches allowing the opponent to have an automatic two goal lead over you. Arsenal fans were upset with the graphics because Arsenal star Matteo Guendouzi’s wavy hair was “not wavy enough”. Fans are petty and so are the game reviewers. I love FIFA with all my heart and I will never hate a game, but a lot needs to be done to keep up with competitor number 1 PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) who recently signed the name rights to the club Juventus in the Serie A (Italy Div. 1) now listed in FIFA 20 as Piemonte Calcio.

I rate this game as a 7.4/10 because of the lack of new additions to the game but the new graphics and Volta Street Football helps this grade exponentially. If you have not purchased FIFA 20 or have never even played FIFA, I highly recommend getting this game.