The great Ohio cookie debate

Dr. Matthew Wahlert: a man of the people and cookies

Dr. Wahlert brought to the attention of many of his students the tragedy in Ohio: our state cookie is a sugar cookie. Since this brings much shame upon our state, I decided to find out how Elder’s population felt about this matter. Most Elder students I casually talked to about this issue argued against the sugar cookie. To get a in-depth response from the perspective of the students and teachers, I sought out those who would give me a clear answer on what they think about the state cookie. Of the ones I interviewed, Kevin Klayer is the only student that supported the state’s decision.

Opposing him are Tommy Wegman, Griffin Kelley, and the man himself, Dr. Wahlert. Whether they supported this decision or not, they all stood strong in their stance. However , if you love the sugar cookie with all your heart, you still have people like Kevin who will stand with you on that opinion.  All of the responses provided the clarity that was necessary regarding how the Elder population feels about this cookie debacle.