Flapjacks return

But the price has been raised from $1.00 to $1.50 to cover costs.


Photoshop by Mr. Rogers

The Elder Pancake Breakfast is a long-standing tradition at our school.

It may only just be me, but I look forward to Wednesdays in the fall and winter for one reason; Elder’s Family Pancake Breakfast. The pancake breakfast occurs once a month on the second Wednesday of the month starting in October. On Tuesday, October 8, the news broke on the morning announcements by Principal Ruffing that the previous pancakes days are over and prices will be increasing for the glorious breakfast. I asked the students what they thought of this change.

Former Elder Principal Tom Otten Serves up pancakes as apart of the Pancake Posse. Photo Courtesy of JP Owens via Cincinnati.com

For me, these breakfasts are the one of the only things I have to look forward to during the school year because school is finally setting in as a daily routine and sometimes football is not enough. I sat down with Junior Nick Homan to get his thoughts on the monthly breakfast.

Nick regularly attends the pancake breakfast and enjoys getting his sugar fix in the morning before his classes. His favorite part about the whole thing is having the hot pancakes in the morning to wake him up with his glass of milk When asked what milk he likes to get he said, “Chocolate, Easy. It’s a no brainer honestly.”

Homan is extremely disappointed in the fact that the prices were raised for the pancake breakfast because now he has to carry in 50 cents in change. “If they raise the price for the same items just the three pancakes and the glass of milk, I think we should get a little more.”

When asked about my brilliant idea of Flapjack Friday Homan stated, “Fridays are for Purple Fridays and Wednesdays are for Pancakes. That is how it has always been. It’s tradition.”

Next, I talked to senior Dakota Postel. Postel attends the pancake breakfast whenever he gets the chance. His favorite part about the breakfast is taking that first bite of pancake at seven in the morning. “Chocolate milk, I drink it almost every day,” when asked about what milk he chooses. “I’m not a fan of the price hike. It takes away from my extra money for the vending machine during the day. Postel thinks Flapjack Fridays could be a hit. “It could go a long way. Once you start something here it can become a tradition. I also think it will give your Friday a little boost.”

Ryan Ruffing ’10 laying down batter on the griddle. Photo courtesy of Elder High School twitter.

The final person I met with was Principal Ruffing. “The pancake breakfast started with Mr. Otten back in 1997 when he took over as principal,” said Ruffing. Mr. Guenther the business manager approached Mr. Ruffing about how the tradition is not breaking even. “Mr. Gunther said we were losing money. That is why there was a 50-cent increase in cost to cover expenses. The price for the pancake breakfast has been $1 since it started in ’97 and this makes the first increase in 22 years!”

When asked if he partakes in eating the pancakes he said, “You gotta think, I come in here at 5 am and you think I won’t eat any pancakes after making them? I eat them every time. They are the best pancakes I’ve ever had.” Mr. Ruffing says he likes both white and chocolate milk. “I like to mix the two because it is a perfect balance.”

Ruffing also commented on my idea of Flapjack Fridays. “I am willing to do any day. But I would need to coordinate this with the AVI (food service) manager.”