The top five computer games played at Elder


Jimmy Dirr

A student plays Eight ball- the newly popular pool game

Starting our freshman year, (for current seniors) Elder decided to try something new and introduce the new tablet computers. The computers were to be solely used for education making learning a lot easier and efficient. With great technology came great responsibility. The first year came and the students were using the tablets more for social media, music, and the big one…games.

And the reason why they play games? Because they are bored in class.

“I would never play during a class at Elder,” said Joe Middendorf. “But I heard from those who do get bored during class.” With all of the games I have come across during my years at Elder, there are ones that will just be unforgettable. Here are the top five computer games played at Elder.

5. Run and Gun

This game was an original at Elder. You would see it on every computer you looked at. This game was a football game where you would pick a NFL team and play against another team. The only bad thing about this game is its very redundant and gets boring after a while since the only thing you can do is run or pass. You cannot pick plays or anything. But due to its originality, it gets the number five spot.

4. Run

Another original at Elder, in this game you were a rabbit running in outer space. You had to run on the track and avoid the holes so you wouldn’t fall into space. Once you got to the end of the track, the next level would begin. With 50 levels, this game was very intense and high paced. The only bad thing is that it’s a one player game, so that is why I gave it the number four spot.

3. Madden

This game played at Elder is more of an advanced, hard to get game. It is exactly like the former video football games played on Xbox, ps3, and so on where you play football. But, unlike Run and Gun, Madden has a lot better graphics and more options when picking plays instead of the regular “run” or “pass”. I give this game the number three spot because although it is a good game, it is hard to get because you have to download it from somebody else who has it.

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2. Halo

This famous Xbox game developed in the halls of Elder around 2011, my sophomore year. In this shooting game, you are on a team of guys and play many different games to defeat the other opponents. This got the number two spot because even though it is equally difficult to get the game as Madden, it’s worth it because you can play against other guys you know and is a very fun game.

1. Eight ball

This game has been a hot one just starting this year. It is a very simple game, where you just play pool against another opponent. I give this the number one spot because it has easy access plus you can play against all of your friends.