Life-Size Lego rocket ship set to go into space

Could this be the world’s first Lego life-size rocket ship sent into the abyss of space?


The LEGO Saturn V. Which is close to what Kyle’s rocket ship looks like, as Kyle stated.

As I’m sure most people have heard about the company Lego and most would say that they are fun. I just recently bought a small Lego set and built it with my girlfriend, and I forgot how much fun they were to build. But have you ever seen how “Master Lego builders” have built life-size planes and human figures? Well if so does it shock you to hear that a “Master Lego builder” has built a life-size rocket ship? Maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t but either way I’m positive it will shock you to hear that the builder said, “My rocket ship is ready for the challenges of space, and it can hold its ground while it goes throughout space.” Shahrivar Spike Kyle (Picture of Spike can be found at, the builder of the world’s first life-size rocket that could be sent to space, contacted NASA about the idea of sending his rocket into the darkness of space. Kyle has decided to not release a picture of his life-size rocket ship due to copyright laws, Kyle said, “While many want to see my creation, please keep in mind until NASA and I figure out what is going on with the plan I can only give you hint as to what it looks like.”
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NASA released a statement saying, “Kyle’s proposition of sending the rocket into space is going to be taking into consideration seriously, due to the fact that if we can start sending rockets into space built of entirely Legos and minimal resources it could save billions of dollars and essential minerals.” NASA and Kyle held their first meeting about the rocket and his projections of how sending the rocket into space would work.

Kyle told (A news station located in Washington D.C.) after the first meet that, “While I think my projections of the rocket and how it will enter space impressed the NASA officials, there are still some giant speed bumps to crossed.” He continued, “I got the ability to make my own projections by studying astrophysics and Aerospace Engineering (rocket science) at the University of California Institute of Technology.” Shahrivar also stated that, “While the NASA officials are intrigued by my idea……I think; they said that there are many legal issues, and safety protocols, etc. to handle first before we continue this Lego journey into space.”

However, Lego owner the Kirk Kristiansen family said in a statement on 3/20/20, that was later extinguished that day, “We will have no part in this action, many lives could be affected or even lost. We will help to an extent of supplying the Legos, if any are furthermore needed.” They also continued, “While people can create whatever they would like with our Legos, we are thinking there might be some legal issues if our brand is put out there and a disaster were to occur.” The Kirk Kristiansen family said that they don’t want their brand to be hurt or have a still image over it if something were to go wrong.

After news of this statement reached Shahrivar he fired back at the Kirk Kristiansen family saying, “If Legos are to p**sy to help with this world turning event that could happen, I say let’s find another brick building company who will back my vision up.” Kyle also said, “S**t, maybe Banbao would like to be the first block building company to have it’s brand sent to space via a life-size rocket ship.”
This is what banbao building blocks looks like. These are the block that Kyle threatened to switched to after Lego’s statement about not supporting the big space plan.

While Banbao has not replied to Kyle’s statement, it is hard to believe that he will switch to another company to build his rocket ship creation. However, with all of this going on NASA and Shahrivar have had many meetings held about furthering the idea of a Lego life-size rocket ship into space.

Now of course the rocket ship would have special coating on the blocks to keep it from burning during launch, and the rocket ship will also have some modifications made to it to make it space worthy, according to Kyle in another statement he made. But I unfortunately have to be the bearer of bad news…You do realize that it’s April 1st, right? Lol. (April Fools)