Magical December

Magical December

Arguably the worst day in everyone’s childhood is the day they find out Santa isn’t real. Sorry if I just made that day today for you, yes Santa Claus is a fictional character. When I found out the big man was actually my parents I was destroyed and felt like my childhood was over. I began to think that everything I once believed in was also fiction. Then came the realization of the Easter bunny, tooth fairy.. etc. were all just make believe.

There are always those kids growing up who want to ruin your life and tell you that Mr. Claus isn’t real in the first grade or so.
Growing up, my best friends and I always doubted these accusations and thought these kids were just trying to be cool and stray from the norm. However the day did come when I heard “I told you so”, and all my hopes and dreams were destroyed.

“I found the presents in my mom’s car one year, I was devastated and starting crying,” said Senior football player Tony Mazza.

Some parents avoid having their kids experience these feelings by never lying to them at all about Santa. That’s where these dream breaking kids come from who tell the believers that they are wrong. In my opinion the magic of Christmas morning growing up would never have been nearly as amazing without the thought of Santa bringing you the presents. Receiving free gifts is always a great thing but there is something about leaving milk, cookies and a note to Santa that makes it all the better.

“I walked down stairs and saw my dad writing “From Santa” on a present; and Christmas was never the same,” said senior TJ Nicholson

After realizing Santa Claus is actually my parents I searched to find something else magical about Christmas. This is when I learned “The true meaning of Christmas” my parents were always talking about, the gift of giving. It truly does feel great to give someone a present that you know they will enjoy and seeing them open it and their face lights up when they see what’s inside.

Another great part of Christmas after you grow up is seeing the excitement in little kids faces when they hear “Santa came!” I have two younger siblings who still believe and seeing them rush down the steps on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them is still my favorite part of the year.

If your little brother, sister, cousin, whoever, asks you if Santa is real, don’t be the one to ruin their Christmas. The longer the magic continues the better. I was one of those kids who got made fun of for still believing in Santa when everyone else was convinced of the truth. But I’m happy that I had a few more years of great Christmases than most kids.

Christmas is always a magical time of the year whether you believe in the big man or not. It is a time to be with friends and family and enjoy being around each other and sharing gifts with one another. It is hard not to be in a good mood in December with all the Christmas lights, music, cookies, food and movies. It truly is the best time of the year.