Not negative news about Corona


Food supplied from locals for families in need

Dating back to last month, all anyone has heard about is the spread of coronavirus and the negative effects from it. All this negative news has made many, including myself, feel like nothing is going right in today’s world. Perhaps there are some stories related to this brutal pandemic that have a positive effect on our society. In this article, I will bring you some stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Myrtle Beach, NC – Small business owners met last week to meet about the effects of this pandemic on their individual businesses. At this meeting, restaurant owners agreed they should help the children in need in their community. Multiple restaurants have set up picnic tables on the streets to give children that are in need food to eat.

Most of these children are students who rely on their schools to feed them breakfast and lunch. With schools closing, they were left without a source of meals and some were forced to go hungry. Without a doubt, this act of kindness by restaurant owners is the kind of attitude and compassion we must have for one another for us to power through this virus.

Taran and Calliope Tien plays their instrument for Helena Schlam’s front porch

Columbus, OH – Quarantine due to this pandemic has led many to become lonely since they are not supposed to go outside their homes and socialize. Two siblings in Columbus noticed their neighbor, 78-year old Helena Schlam, quarantining herself. Since she is a single old lady, the kids thought she might get lonely during this tough time so they came up with an innovative idea of playing music for her.

The two kids, Taran and Calliope Tien, sat outside on her porch playing their instruments that they had been learning and began to entertain Helena. Helena loved this act of kindness so the kids have continued to go over to her house frequently and play their music for her. This little act of kindness is just one example of many that prove that we are all in this fight together and that no one should be lonely during this time of loneliness.

Houston, TX – The restaurant industry is a staple in Texan lifestyle and in particular, in a huge city like Houston. The order from many state governments to close restaurants has hurt many restaurant’s sales including Houston’s Irma’s Southwest restaurant. One generous couple noticed their struggling and dined in at Irma’s. After walking out, their waiter realized the couple left $1,900 in cash on the table as a tip and added another $7,500 tip on their credit card.

Louis Galvan, the restaurant’s owner was in shock at this act of kindness. He was more than thankful for this random generosity from the couple. After all, their total bill was $90.12 and they tipped $9400 extra. That is some serious generosity. What can be taken away from this occurrence is that we must continue to support our restaurants especially the local ones.

Acts of kindness like the three examples listed are excellent lessons that all of us can try to live by. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as the money example, but just a little extra support for one another goes a long way. Randoms acts like these make people believe that there is still some good in this world despite all the negative news that we constantly hear.