Werewolves, dark magic practitioners fight for magic freedom

Who will come out on top?



Jack stands face to face with The Order’s leader, not knowing who is behind that mask

Imagine a secret society that lives just beneath every student’s noses, and is so secretive that even retired members of the society don’t even remember ever being apart of it, let alone its existence.

When thinking of college, many don’t associate a secret society and werewolves together, but when it comes to Belgrave University one should be aware that these things are very much alive and real. Jack Morton and his grandfather are out to avenge their mother/daughter that was murdered by her husband for a reason not yet known. Jack attends Belgrave in hopes of joining the secret society to which he is receiving help from his grandfather, but they have yet to realize the danger of war between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic laying ahead.

Back Story

Released on March 7th, 2019 as a Netflix original, The Order, which was created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, came to fruition. It was later released that Nomadic Pictures would produce the first season consisting of 10 episodes. Jack Morton and his grandpa (Peter Morton) are both working together to find and take down Edward Coventry (Jack’s father) because he is the one who murdered their mom/daughter. Peter and Jack have been studying The Order trying to find out how and where it exists on the campus of Belgrave. Although The Order, fully known as The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, is a secret society with a scarce amount of individuals actually knowing of its existence. There are still openings left behind that give people a thought of it truly existing hence one of the reasons Jack and Peter know of this society. Therefore, Jack and Peter have basically made a pact with each other to work together and report all findings to one another.

Production History

Another reason they know of “The Order” is because of Jack’s father, Edward Coventry, who is the leader of “The Order.” This information is unknown to them. However, Edward doesn’t know that he has a son, let alone one who is trying to get into The Order.

Coventry partaking in a ritual which calls for one’s first born to be sacrificed on an alter (express.co.uk)

The Order was filmed in and outside of Vancouver in British Columbia. Belgrave University, the college in the show, was set in the University of British Columbia, and the old Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, which is the entrances to the secret society’s temple. This filming location could be classified as a hot spot considering all the productions like Riverdale, Altered Carbon, and Deadpool 2. who have shot there There are many different places that the staff and producers of the show went to get the “perfect shot” including a location that was filmed just once, Edward Coventry’s house. Those exteriors are located in a property in Sangara Ave, Abbotsford.

Main Characters

Alyssa and Jack walking through the tunnel of fear, to get to The Order’s treasure room (looper.com)

In “The Order”, Jack goes to Belgrave on the first day and meets Alyssa Drake, a strong, determined, goes by the rules, mentor/guide. Jack was attracted to her from the moment he saw her, and even tried to drops hints here and there. After talking with Alyssa about different things, Jack finds out that she is in The Order. After confirming this, Jack is able to have connections and learns even more about the secret society. When Morton got back to his dorm room he saw a blue rose laying on his bed, he immediately closed the door and moved towards the rose.

Alyssa Drake holding a blue rose, signifying her invite to join The Order (Fandom.com)

Knowing that receiving a blue rose in your room means The Order has summoned you to become an initiate, Morton follows the directions that came with the rose very carefully, just as Alyssa did when she found hers.

Jack joins the order and has Alyssa Drake assigned as his magical tutor, which would lead into a romantic relationship. While Jack is learning the ropes of using magic, Coventry is attempting to find scattered sections of the Vade Maecum, a spell book which gives its owner unlimited magical powers. Coventry can be seen throughout the show as a self-centered, ungrateful person, which goes against The Order and how everyone should put the Order first.

Other Characters

Many non-main characters are seen in this show all of which have their own roles and abilities. Some of these characters include, Gabrielle Dupres, who is also both part of The Order and The Knights of Saint Christopher. Vera Stone, the Chancellor of The Order; she was admitted into the Order and was the youngest practitioner in the Belgrave chapter to get to Temple Magus. And Hamish Duke, the leader of The Knights of Saint Christopher who wears Tundra for his hide. These are some of the 15 plus characters that the show features multiple times in the episodes.

Magical War

With a society that holds magical powers, there is always going to be a contrary. The Knights of Saint Christopher, is dedicated to stop Coventry from finding all four pieces of the book as they know he would use the powers for evil. The Order’s rival society, came about for the soul purpose to keep the powers of black “dark” magic under control and make sure that no one is able to collect all four pieces of the Vade Maecum. Members of the Knights introduce Jack to what they are, werewolves. They are chosen by hides, which are pelts containing the spirits of werewolves.

Jack as a werewolf, trying to stop a car from killing people at a party (due to black magic spell) (Lukas Marlman)

Jack is chosen by Silverback therefore initiating him into the group and transforming him into a werewolf. With magic come powers unannounced to the human’s mind of comprehension.

Coventry kills Jack’s grandfather, and captures Jack with his friends outside of the old Riverview Hospital (The Order’s entrance) while they try and take him down

The Knights of Saint Christopher walking down the street after attending to a black magic mage who was practicing the craft (for evil) (the-order-netflix.fandom.com)

before the Vade Maecum is fully complete. He learns that Jack is his first-born son, which he must sacrifice for a ritual to be completed. Jack find out that Coventry placed a love spell on his mother and used her, then abandoned her but failed to remove the charm, which lead to Jack’s mother committing suicide after giving birth to Jack. After uncovering this news Jack is in a state of shock, everything his grandpa and him has worked for was sort of all for nothing. Coventry technically didn’t kill his mother but in the same sense he did, by not undoing the charm spell it led Jack’s mother to fall into depression after he left, to which ended in a horrific event.

Edward placing his hands on the Vade Maecum Infernal, which binds him to the book making him the most powerful magical person on the planet (boomo.com.br)

More Production History

Production of “The Order” for another season is still in a rocky start, all production and releases were put on hold because of the March 2020 Covid-19 scare. However, reports are showing that the show is going to be revived and is expected to drop another season in mid-2021 or after 2021 concludes.


With all the “nonsense” going on underneath this college’s nose its hard to believe that both, The Order, and The Knights of Saint Christopher are able to hide themselves quite well. But the only way to know for sure how they both are kept such a secret is to let them speak for themselves. Many characters are portrayed as they are good but they might not be so honest, and those portrayed as evil aren’t necessarily so evil after all. Giving all the different and exotic paths the story takes is fascinating to where it should make even the keenest of viewers interested.