Trump decision causes more commotion


Recently, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, died at the age of 87. With this untimely death comes a decision for the current President of the United States. He either can nominate a new justice or wait till the winner of this election appoints one. Trump is receiving backlash after he decided not to wait unlike President Obama, who did wait until after the 2016 election.

Amy Coney Barrett who was nominated by President Trump. (photo source: USA Today)

Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett as the new justice. Barrett is a circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Opponents are not happy with this decision, because this can change the majority of the Court since Barrett is considered a conservative. This will give the Republicans a majority in votes that come up in the years to come.

Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer gave his insight on the matter and said, “By nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, President Trump has once again put Americans’ healthcare in the crosshairs.” (via CNN). Other leaders like Representative Ro Khanna say that their issue is not with Trump but with the constitution. (via Fox News.)

Personally, I side with Trump and believe all of this is nonsense and just another tactic for the Democrats to try to sway votes in this election near. Trump was quoted in The New York Times that I think explains my thoughts on the matter clearly. He said, “We won, and we have an obligation as the winners to pick who we want,” Mr. Trump said. “That’s not the next president. Hopefully, I will be the next president. But we are here now, right now, we are here, and we have an obligation to the voters, all the people, the millions of people who put us here.”

Trump explained that it does not matter who will be president but who is. He is currently in office which lets him make the decisions. I believe the Democrats would of done the same as Trump if they were in his position. But they aren’t, which means they will do everything in their power to make him look bad in the eyes of the public.

Thus, Trump has made yet another decision that has upset the Democrats. Trump will continue to act as President even with the election closing in. We will have to see how this whole mess unfolds as we get to the election.

I try to stay out of politics for the most part, but I cannot help stating my opinion on this matter.