We want our Pancakes!


Photoshop by Mr. Rogers

The Elder Pancake Breakfast is a long-standing tradition at our school.

The 2020/2021 school year has brought back some great traditions from years prior, but one we haven’t seen return is family pancake breakfast day.

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The second Wednesday of every month was surely a great day to look forward to.  Starting at 7:00 AM those who chose to come in would receive 3 steaming hot, freshly made hotcakes for just a $1.50.

Prior to last year it was only a dollar, but due to the demanding crowd Elder had to bump up the price by 50 cents.  Out of the hundreds of pancakes made there would be 1 special plate that had a few sprinkles mixed in.

The lucky student to receive that plate won free lunch for a whole week!  Pondering back on these memories makes one wonder why don’t we have pancake day this year?

Mr. Kurt Ruffing said “the Pancake Breakfast will not take place this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Basically, I’m not comfortable cooking pancakes, along with a few other staff members who help me, and then serving them to the students. My concern is that one of us could potentially spread the virus (if we unknowingly had it – asymptomatic).  I do look forward to when we can hold the Pancake Breakfast again!”

As the teachers will miss this cherished day so will the students.  It’s not just the teachers and staff missing their pancakes but most of all the students.

Elder HS Instagram Page

Student Adam Vinel’22 says, “It was a good reason to wake up early and meet up with friends.”

Many students would have contests to see who could eat the most pancakes.  The most that has ever been rumored is an outstanding 12 hotcakes!  The daily calorie dose for a man to consume is 2,500, and 12 pancakes is 23,000.  They call this the “Panther Dozen”.

Although this tradition will not be returning to Elder this year, we cannot wait till we can all celebrate together again.