Football games charging $10 to watch

Football games charging $10 to watch

Because of the virus, Elder is not permitted to have students in the Pit for those classic Friday night games.  Our VPT (Video Production Team) has been working diligently to make sure that students are still able to watch those games from the safety of their homes.

Broadcasting sporting events/games is not anything new for Elder high school.  But this year to make up for a lack of student tickets, Elders broadcast is now paper view.

Each viewer gets 90 seconds of preview before having to pay a $10 ticket fee just as you would to get into a game.

Many students are not a fan of this charged broadcast but can end up working in their favor whether they realize it or not.  Rather than every student paying $5 to get into a game, like in previous years, they can split the fee with friends and family to watch together.

Although there is not a cheering section, students have had great times rooting their friends from behind their screens.  Friends will come together and will host the game just like an NFL broadcast on TV.

Many local businesses have shown supports for the Panthers by streaming the game at their restaurants or stores.

It is incredible to see work done by  students displayed at places all over Cincinnati.

Yes! EHSports (Elder’s sport website) is ran solely by students who are ambitious on making sure that whoever pleases to watch the Panthers can.

Alumni Jack Langen’20 who was a big part of the Elder broadcast team said, “the stream has never been better.”

As excited as the players get from seeing their game seen by viewers of the broadcast, so do the students running the stream.

It is needless to say that there has to be some downsides to not having an audience in the Pit.  It can go from messing with the players focus to not receiving that motivation of the audience.

Talented Juniors and Seniors are not be looked at by recruits live but through a screen.  There is no doubt that If a player made a fantastic catch but could not be seen by the camera, that play would go unseen to college recruiters.

Under the same circumstances a play could be looked back on an analyzed closely in a replay as well as go viral on social media for even more to see.

The athletes pave their future while the broadcasters can as well.

At the end of the day we do what we do to push through these challenging times of the pandemic.  Altiora Panthers!