Let’s not go Purple, huh?


Heat map

2020 has been heck of a year.

And I think pretty much everybody and anybody can agree that this is a year to go down in the books. The amount of change the world has gone through is substantial, yet not unprecedented. In early March and February, there were pictures of China with their citizens walking around with medical masks on and it looked like something out of a bad dream that was so far away from reality that it just does not exist. Now, everyone wears a mask. We cannot see each others smiling faces and personal communication efficiency has been cut down.

It has been a season of change. Not only on the government, racial and economic level, but also of the personal level for so many. We were all presented time during quarantine, something that is complained about year in and year out by the average person.

“Oh, its just I don’t have enough time to dedicate myself to losing weight, I don’t have enough time to start that project I have always wanted to finish, I don’t have enough time to read those books, I don’t have enough time.

Time is such a finite and rigid thing that it is doesn’t make total sense to blame it. Its like blaming an ending of a football game on there were only 15 minutes in that quarter. No, the fumbles, overthrown passes, failure to convert on third down was what made the team lose.

I think the best excuse these days is, “because of Covid…” I watch NFL games and see a terrible call and the first thought is, “Oh if this was not in Covid, the refs would be more on top of their game.” For some reason it finds validity. You can always brush the falls of another under the Covid rug, but the moment you sweep your own, you are in trouble. We are all accountable for our own actions and especially this year. This was the year with time. What you did with it, was up to you and who you were.

There is a backburner fear of going under again, but it’s good news. Say Hamilton County does go over the cusp of a level purple or level 4 of exposure, there is fright of going back into a large scale quarantine. Governor Dewine has said that if a county bumps over the purple line, there will be no extra mandate to stay inside and there will be no further restrictions. This is really good news because March to May was interesting¬† this year. Nobody wants to go back into the full lockdown zone again and for some reason we think we will. To this date, there will be no extra lockdown procedures if we reach extreme exposure. It has been fluid so far, so expectations are non-existent.