The frozen sanctuary

The frozen sanctuary

One of the greatest times of the year is winter when students get a chance to go on break and spend time with friends and family for two weeks. In my opinion one of the best places in Cincinnati to spend that winter break is at Perfect North Slopes.  It’s a relatively large skiing area where kids from all over Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana come to show off their skills on the slopes. Since going I’ve met kids from Mason, Carmel and also a lot of high schools in southern Kentucky. I think it’s amazing how such a small place can attract such a wide group of people.

Perfect North has its fair share of people ranging from children to senior citizens, but it doesn’t matter your age or your size, anyone can ski. If you’re not into the whole skiing thing, then Perfect North offers a tubing area with 23 lanes where you can ride a tube down a snowy hill.

Although it may sounds boring, before I went skiing I used to go tubing with my family and friends all the time. If money is an issue, because Perfect North can get expensive, tubing is relatively cheap. For 3 hours out of your day you can tube for $30. Skiing and snowboarding will set you back $45 for eight consecutive hours.

If you don’t have skis or a board that’s no problem at all, Perfect North offers a wide variety of rentals for children all the way through adults. If you wish to rent a board or skies, it’s an additional charge of $25. So all in all you’re getting a better deal by just learning how to ski, you save money in the long run and in my opinion it’s a lot more fun than tubing.

Going to Perfect North is something I enjoy greatly, and I know that I am not the only one. Senior PJ Doll has been skiing ever since he was twelve and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

So how long have you been skiing? “Ever since the sixth grade I’ve been hitting the slopes with my friends. I always get a gold pass and go any chance I can get.”

How many pairs of skis do you think you’ve gone through since you were twelve? “Probably three, I go skiing a lot and either they get too small or they just begin to wear out.  I don’t mind because it’s all worth it, besides art, skiing is one of my favorite things to do.”

Perfect North just isn’t a place to come and ski and snowboard for hours on end. They also offer a large cafeteria where they serve, chicken strips, french fries, LaRosas pizza and an assortment of Coke and PowerAde products. They also have multiple vending machines with some of the finest pops in all of Cincinnati. On top of the cafeteria is the ski shop. The ski shop is basically a shop that sells ski/snowboarding equipment. You can purchase skies, snowboards, bindings, and different ski attire so you’re ready to hit the slopes.

So Elder, if you haven’t gotten the chance to make your way to Perfect North, I strongly suggest that you do, it’s a great time and I love going there on the weekends with my friends. It’s great exercise and a nice stress reliever in my book so turn off your Xbox’s and your PS4’s and go hit up Perfect North.