The Sheridan-Trischler Show: Episode 2

The Kreimer Interview


What’s up, and welcome to Episode 2 of The Sheridan-Trischler Show!

We hope you enjoyed Episode 1. In Episode 2, we are going to take yet another different kind of route. In our previous recording for Episode 2, we talked about a lot of topics, ranging from the 2020 Election, UC and Notre Dame football, the Cincinnati Bengals, etc., but we took too long in uploading it, so much of the information is outdated by now.

Therefore, we decided to upload an in-depth interview we did with Mr. Kreimer, an Elder legend who has been teaching at the school for almost 55 years! In the interview we ask him about how he has seen Elder change in the time that he has been here, not just as a teacher but as a student too.

It ended up being a really cool interview, and we hope you enjoy it!

Oh, Merry Christmas, too!