Will we still have snow days this year?

Now that remote learning is set-up, are there no more traditional days off during the winter?


It is predicted that this winter in Cincinnati could be very snowy.

If someone would have told me as a freshman that by my junior year, I would have to wear a mask to school every day and some students would do school from home, I would have called them crazy. But here we are, we have already been shut down, and we might have to again within the next few months.

We know that there is always a possibility of a virtual school day for all students, so that brings up the question of whether we will still have traditional snow days or virtual days if the weather is a problem. This will all depend on what the faculty and staff want to do. In my opinion, virtual school days are a good option to have, but I think we should only have them if absolutely necessary.

Several news stations have predicted that this winter in Cincinnati could be a snowy and icy one. So it is up to schools to decide what they will do for the students. Some schools could be virtual some days and off school another, this could lead to some confusion. However, if one school chooses to go virtual for a day, several other will likely follow.

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I hope we get at least one or two snow days this year.

In past school years, we have had around five snow days added to the calendar before we would have to make up days at the end of the year. Something that we could do is use these five traditional snow days instead of virtual days when we can. I also think that schools could be more lenient with when students are virtually learning. This would make sense when the roads are icy for student safety. This also makes sense because students are now more comfortable with remote learning and would still be doing their work and learning what they need to.

Depending on what schools decide to do, this winter could be much different than what we are used to with snow days. Now that we have new capabilities, there are more possibilities for what we could do. I know most students would probably prefer is we were just off like normally, but we should consider what would be better for the faculty and for the schools. I think it would be stupid to have to make up days at the end of the year when we could have just had virtual school days and utilizing the technology we have.