Actors can write too

Mathew McConaughey releases new memoir


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Many of us have picked up several hobbies throughout this crazy pandemic. One that I have taken up is reading, whether it be for school or just on my own time.

Some books I love to read are memoirs. I just love to learn what people have done to get where they are today. One that I am especially looking forward to reading is by someone not known as a writer.

This is because he is in fact Mathew McConaughey, who is a popular actor.

Throughout this past year the anticipation grew inside me since I am a fan and could not wait to learn what he had to do to get where he is now. Sadly, I have not had a chance to purchase the book but surely will soon.

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Greenlights is the memoir by Mathew McConaughey that explores his life. It covers many stories while giving important lessons. It has been said to be an unconventional memoir but solid, nonetheless. McConaughey uncovers why he decided to create the book in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. He also tells people the significance of the title and other insights as well.

Mathew McConaughey has always been a wise man in my eye, whether it is because of the speeches he gives or the roles he has played in movies. He always puts one hundred percent effort into all his films and from what I have heard this book is no different. He meticulously chooses his decisions and that is probably why he is so wise. It is nice to see people finally recognizing what a good character he is after they have learned more about him. I feel like he is one of the more underappreciated actors in Hollywood.

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My brother, Kyle Trischler class of ’19, just read the book and had plenty to say. He told me, (and stay with me because this is a long quote) “Overall, I think it’s a great read. McConaughey is hilarious in his stories that he gives and a great storyteller overall. It is really cool to get inside his head and see all of the challenges he’s faced and what he has learned from them. The book is both lighthearted, but also filled with bits of wisdom that are easily consumed and relatable for everyone and I would definitely recommend it.”

I am sure McConaughey would give a trademark “alright, alright, alright” to that. His friends even liked the book, too.

Richard Linklater, a close friend, said, “People underestimate the utter intentionality of what Matthew’s done. He’s really good at going from A to B to C. He’s got a plan and he’s just brave enough and brazen enough to execute it” via New York Times.

I personally think this book will be a great read and I can not wait to read it. Go give it a shot, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.