Seven Pounds shows how one’s mistake can change the lives of others

Ben Thomas feeling the guilt of killing seven people


In the movie Seven Pounds, there are many unexpected turns. The main character’s name is Tim Thomas (Will Smith), but he steals his brother’s identity, and goes by Ben Thomas. The real Ben Thomas is a worker for the IRS.

So, Tim Thomas, acting like he is his brother, Ben Thomas, visits nursing homes and sees the manager treats the people good when other are around, but treats them very poorly when no one is around. Tim Thomas acts like he is Ben Thomas and visiting these people for the IRS. This is not true though. Tim is acting like Ben so that he can find out what is wrong with these people, and see if he can help.

The whole reason behind this was Tim Thomas was driving home with his wife one night when he received a text. Instead of waiting to check his phone once he was home, he was reading the text while driving. This led to him getting in a bad car crash killing his wife and six others. This information is not known until the end of the movie, but it all makes complete sense once that scene is shown.

So, the real reason that Tim Thomas was acting like Ben Thomas, his brother, and IRS agent, was to find seven people with some type of medical problem. Once he finds his seven people, he plans to commit suicide and donate seven organs to the seven people in need. The reason behind this was because he felt like owed society seven lives, so he healed seven people who were in need of an organ by giving up his own life. There are many other reviews on this movie, but it is by far one of my favorite movies ever.