Should there be an age limit to show biz?

Should there be an age limit to show biz?

Justin Bieber is one of America’s most beloved teen idols, who found great success in the music industry at an early age. But was it too early?

For anybody who surfs the web or who’s into social media you’ve probably heard of Justin saying he is going to retire. Recently over twitter Justin said, “My beloved beliebers “I am officially retiring’.”

After hearing this I was shocked. I mean this is a kid who had the fame, money, the talent and now he’s throwing it all away? The only reason I could think of was the urge for him to want to start to live a normal life.

With that being said there needs to be an age limit on show business. In today’s world I don’t care how talented or good looking a kid might be, Hollywood is no place for a child to grow up. It may seem all glamorous on TV or in the newspaper, but nobody really sees all the long hard hours these kids put in a week to pull of these film and television projects.

Being a child actor is almost like being a slave. Child actors are more often than not forced into the business by their greedy parents who are only in it for the money. Once the child is well into the acting game it’s almost impossible for him to get out until he or she are of legal age and are able to make their own decisions.

For example child actor Corey Feldman who starred in movies such as Stand By Me and The Goonies sued his own father who acted as his manager for stealing his money. By age 15, Corey took things to the extreme and got legally emancipated so he could be in control of his money.

Another thing with being a child actor is that the child has to sacrifice his childhood to go basically be a grown up. So the next time we complain about going to school or doing routine things that we really don’t want to do we should be thankful that are living a normal life. Child stars have tutors on set. They don’t get to have recess or any kind of normal interaction with kids. A lot times we don’t realize that the social part of school plays a huge part in our early development. This is why child actors get into drugs at such an early age, because they see their peers who are all grown up doing it.

Hopefully one day parents start coming to their senses and start putting themselves in their own kid’s shoes so their kids can be put in a normal healthy environment where they grow on their own rate not a forced one. So for stars like Justin Bieber, he’s getting out just in the nick of time before he may start to get into some real trouble.