Party in the Pit may be unsuccessful

The Party in the Pit is back for the first time in two years. The event begins at 7:00pm and ends at 10:00pm; you must arrive by 7:30pm. The cost is $10 per person or $20 per couple. This includes snacks and drinks, while you can purchase pizza for a small price. This event will feature many exciting games and activities, as well as a special Halloween: the best costumes will receive a prize. This all seems like a blast, and you would assume most students would look forward to attending. The juniors and seniors have been waiting for its return, and the freshmen and sophomores have yet to experience it. They have all been eagerly waiting for this event, or so we thought.

It seems that the event will have far less attendance than previous years. As of the end of Thursday, 180 tickets, including dates, have been sold. Keep in mind, this number may change. However, that does not cover the fact that attendance is much less than expected.

This may be attributed to the fact that the event occurs on Halloween weekend, meaning people may already have plans. Furthermore, the weather for the event is uncertain, and many people do not want to risk paying $10-$20 for a rainy, freezing-cold experience. Additionally, Elder’s playoff game versus Colerain is the day before; people may be too worn out to go to the party the very next day. With two major events already occurring this week and the uncertainty of the weather, the Party in the Pit may be the last thing on everyone’s minds.

Also, word has quickly spread around the school that attendance is low. This has caused a snowball effect; people hear that attendance is low, so they decide not to sign up, then less people are going, then word spreads that attendance is continuing to stay low, and so on. Furthermore, there are very few seniors attending. Seniors are one of the two classes of students who have actually experienced the event in the past, and many of them are not attending.

What is looks like when countless students permeate The Pit
Students gather in The Pit

Nonetheless, while 180 people is by no means a small number, it it miniscule compared to the hundreds we have had in previous years. Just two years ago, the Pit was packed with students, and things like cornhole, the inflatable chair, and LaRosa’s all had a long line. However, this year will most likely not feel the same. It will still be fun, but it probably will not have that same energy that it used to have.

Overall, if you are excited about the Party in the Pit, great! It is a great thing to participate in school activities, and hopefully you will make great memories there. However, this weekend was probably not the best time to host the event, and the attendance shows that. With so many conflicting events and schedules, it is difficult for people to attend or to be excited about it. Neverthelss, I hope this party is the greatest one that Elder High School has ever thrown, so next time we throw one, students will be lining up by the hundreds to sign up for an anticipated event.