Cincinnati Rookies Episode 2


Bengals’ rookies Ja’Marr Chase (WR) (left), Evan McPherson (K) (right)

We are officially nine games in the Bengals‘ season, and there have already been some ups and some downs.

Beating the Vikings in OT, blowing out the Ravens, and defeating the Steelers were some proud moments to be a fan. However, barely holding out against the Jaguars, losing to the Packers in heartbreaking fashion, and getting upset by the Jets in Mike White’s first ever start were moments that make you ask yourself why you allow yourself to have hope.

However, there are two things that are undeniable. First, the Bengals look far better than last season and are still a playoff contender. Furthermore, the Bengals have some very promising rookies on their squad.

Today, we will be looking at rookies Ja’Marr Chase and Evan McPherson, how they have performed thus far, and what their futures may hold.