Controversy strikes as Elon Musk takes over Twitter


One of the biggest sites in the social media world, Twitter, has developed a controversial reputation over time and its reputation has taken a major turn in recent months. The acquisition of Twitter by controversial figure Elon Musk has sparked debate among both users of the site and nonusers alike. Many have risen to share their opinions on the topic, and I will do my best to summarize all sides and give my opinion as well.

Elon Musk expressed his intentions to make the site “uncensored” as he tweeted, “anyone suspended for minor and dubious reasons will be freed from Twitter jail.” This claim immediately gave cause for concern among users, as many speculated that people banned for hate speech and other acts would be released. The most prominent release from this “Twitter jail” occurred when former president Donald Trump’s famous twitter account was briefly unsuspended. This action sparked outrage among Donald Trump haters, and he was quickly re-suspended until further notice. Musk stated his plan for reviewing Trump’s account with a team of board members in the near future to determine its reinstatement into the Twitter world.

Probably the most unpopular change that Musk has implemented is the eight-dollar price tag for Twitter verification. Being verified on Twitter before Musk’s reign was no simple task. One had to be a prominent figure, or the account had to be representing a popular brand/company to receive the coveted blue check mark. However, anyone with a measly eight dollars to throw towards Twitter every month can now become verified. One internet troll decided to use this power to his or her amusement as they created an account impersonating Eli Lilly and Company, a pharmaceutical company that is one of the primary sources of insulin. The user bought the eight-dollar verification and created a tweet announcing that the price of insulin would become free. This impostor tweet cost the company over fifteen billion dollars as their stock price plummeted. Say what you will about Eli Lilly and Co, but this event brings a cause for concern for many more highly reputable companies.

Events like this are the seeming cause for Musk reporting of Twitter’s daily four-million-dollar losses. Even after firing 3,700 employees, who made up half of the workforce at the time, millions of dollars are continually lost daily after Musk’s acquisition. Although it may not be obvious to the public how Musk plans on turning his idea of Twitter into a profitable business, I think eventually he will reach the point where he begins making money off Twitter. Elon Musk is one of the greatest minds in the business world today and I think he knows something about this process that we do not. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what more Musk will do to turn things around from the hole with no exit that it appears he has dug himself into.