The real reason people watch the Super Bowl

The real reason people watch the Super Bowl

For forty-eight years now the Super Bowl has been played on a Sunday night for the Championship between two professional NFL football teams. What is the real reason that people actually watch the Super Bowl? There are usually two teams that most of America doesn’t care about. Yet, billions watch the game.

I don’t care much about the Super Bowl except if the Bengals or Vikings are playing in it, but I watch it just for the funny Super bowl commercials. The Super Bowl is easily the highest rated TV program for the year. Every company wants to advertise their best commercials to get the viewers’ attention.

For a thirty second airing of a Super Bowl commercial, it cost a company about 4 million dollars to air. That is one hundred thirty-three thousand dollars and thirty three cents per second. Companies around the world try to get their funniest  and most memorable commercials ready so they can be seen by this large audience.

I went around Elder and asked a few students which Super Bowl commercials were favorites this yeaar. Brad Gates responded by saying, “I really liked the Chobani’s commercial. The bear was just fantastic and I thought that everyone that just ran away was hilarious especially since he only wanted some yogurt.”

James Riegler also responded by saying, “I absolutely loved Audi’s Doberhuaha Super Bowl commercial. I think a dog running around with a big head that was almost the size of the moon was hilarious.”

Jason Hulsmanns favorite commercial was the Toyotas Muppets. Personally I thought that the commercial was weird but Jason responded by saying, “I love the Muppets and think they are the coolest characters to put into a commercial.”