Cattle mutilations – not of this planet


Chris Henkel

Mutilated cattle in Colorado – ranging from 1972 to 2008. Remains unexplained.

In the endless stretches of land that make up the central US, ranchers have found their cattle in haunting circumstances. Cattle have been found dead – mutilated in an inhumane and super-unnatural way.

Cattle owners are confused as to what brought about the deaths of their cattle, and for what purpose. Animals weighing almost a ton are found in the middle of open fields in a horrific state. The cows are found with their eyes, tongue, ears, and genitals removed. A precise incision is found from the chin of the animal all the way down to their rear. A gruesome scene is found – the animal drained of blood, and its’ body cavity carefully emptied.

People investigating these animal mutilations quickly ruled out predators, due to the intricacy of the carcasses physical damage. No bird, bear, wolf, or coyote would be able to slice the stomach in the way that scientists discovered it was done. Upon closer inspection of the cows, the incision made down the midline of the underside of the cattle in many cases was made with heat.

Questions stack up along with the number of cases that are reported and as of recently, documented by authorities and researchers who are determined to find the motive behind who or what is so stealthily and carefully dissecting the bodies of the cattle. The Science Channel’s Unexplained Files investigated the phenomenon in a recent episode, which featured eyewitness accounts of the mysterious and faint clues that surround the cattle deaths. Ranchers who have uncovered the mystery give the only explanations that seem to make sense to them. After carefully examining the bodies of the animals, evidence shows that the animals fell to their final resting place; where they were found by their owners.

Crushed bones on the grounded side of the carcass, along with pieces of leftover body debris lying on the ground surrounding the body. This suggests that the large animals were picked up – operated on, drained of blood, and carefully picked apart – and then dropped from some height.

The information presented with the thousands of cases of cattle mutilations, ranging from the 1970’s to today; lead to few possible culprits.

One’s own idea of logic can be placed aside – because if in an infinite universe of 14 billion known life-supporting planets – there is no question that we are not alone. Thinking that the human species is the only intelligent life form is laughable, and in saying that – one possible explanation for what is happening to Earth’s livestock is not laughable in the least.

Theories have manifested over the years that the animals are being dissected by visitors from another planet, who aim to harvest the DNA information to these mammals – for some purpose. Whether it is an extra-terrestrial attempt at hybridization or cloning; it is anyone’s guess as to how or why other intelligent life would come to this planet to harvest the life that it hosts.

Only two valid theories exist as to who is behind these mutilations – the United States Government. In the late 1980’s, the food chain was infected with a potentially devastating outbreak of something called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. This fatal deterioration of the brain and spinal cord of cattle was first identified in 1886. The cause is now known to be infectious proteins called prions which inhibit the brain cells and spinal cord of living animals, and causes the deterioration of the cells into a spongy dead mass, ultimately killing the animal. Prions cannot be destroyed if the beef is cooked or heat-treated, making it the rightfully feared outbreak in modern human history.

Before the danger was officially discovered on farms in Britain, over 470,000 infected cattle had entered the food chain before heavy controls were placed on the now feared British Beef. As a result of the outbreak the an eradication program was enacted in the United Kingdom; and 4.4 million head of cattle were slaughtered and burned in efforts to effectively save the human population from the disease. The long incubation period of the infected proteins is about two to eight years. Since its’ discovery over 30 years ago, Mad Cow’s human variant – Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) – has killed 166 people in the UK, and 44 elsewhere in the world – officially.

Compared to what it could have been, BSE was contained fairly well – except for one major mistake. The 4.4 million cattle corpses were burned in the effort to destroy the disease. The millions of tons of cow ashes were then packaged and shipped to over 70 countries and used as fertilizer called bone meal on farms across the world. The burned, infected corpses were effectively destroyed – but the infected prions could not have been completely destroyed.  The infected protein supplements were fed to young calves, and no one knew until it after it was long gone.

The farms of the United States in Colorado, California, and other western/mid-west states have therefore been potentially inhabited by sleeper cattle, which have been infected and may leak lead to the human food chain of America. What this means is that the US Government may have a program that is trying to secretly test, detect, and contain the cattle that could be infected – and find a way to stop an outbreak without instilling panic in the world. A women in Colorado who reported her two horses that were killed in an evident mutilation, distinctly remembered hearing a chopping-wind sound the night before she discovered her horses dissected in the field. Only days later the farm owner was outside late at night, and this time saw the blacked out apache helicopter silently hovering over her fields, with a spotlight on the site of the horses’ death.

A picture unfolds of a militarized, stealthily executed field dissection/examination of American cattle to make sure the food chain remains safe, and the vast population is safe from the fatal microorganisms.

The two theories presented are the only known, logical/scientifically contingent possibilities as to why the intricate death of cattle has continued. The idea that the human beings in stealth helicopters could be responsible collapses when it’s realized that these precisely executed experiments have been taking place since 1973. Unless the US Government is flying their mobile labs to Alberta, Canada, South America to places such as Trinidad, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba – the idea of humans deliberately draining these animals of their blood and life crumbles.

Scientists from this planet are not the ones harvesting the DNA of its’ livestock. But then where did the scientists come from?