Sterling banned for life


New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver brought the hammer down on Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his cruel and racist remarks caught on recording. Silver issued a life time ban from the Clippers organization and the NBA as a whole, an NBA maximum fine of $2.5 million, and is forcing Sterling to sell his team (following a vote from the other 29 NBA owners). If the vote goes as expected Donald Sterling will no longer have ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. While Sterling’s punishment may seem harsh, it was the only option for Commissioner Silver and the rest of the NBA. In a league where the vast majority of players, coaches, and fans are African American it was a must.

Sterling, who has been caught making racist comments before, was caught on a recording by his “girlfriend” (he’s married to a much older women) making cruel and racist statements about African Americans. It’s clear that in the recording the girlfriend is egging him on, but that is no excuse for Sterling. I am aware that the US Constitution gives us the right to free speech and we all are entitled to our opinions. That being said I completely back the NBA’s decision of getting rid of Mr. Sterling.

In modern society there is no room for racism. Donald Sterling makes extreme amounts of money off a sport filled with African Americans. Doc Rivers and Chris Paul, two of the biggest stars in the NBA and two black men, make Sterling unthinkable amounts of money. To be willing to make a fortune off black employees but then go around and slander their race is a truly disgusting thing.

Donald Sterling is a racist and disgusting human being. While he is one of the best owners, from a business stand point, in league history I am happy to see him go. Sterling managed to make money off, what used to be, one of the worst franchises in all of sports for over 30 years. Now Sterling is set to sell the team for as much as one billion dollars, so why he may be a racist he is one heck of a businessman.

I was happy when the Clippers finally became relevant. I thought it was great for an owner who endured such a long period of hardship to finally have a competitive team. Now, with possible buyers ranging from Magic Johnson to Rick Ross, I think it is safe to say the Clippers have a bright future in store with Donald Sterling in the rear view mirror.