Taco Bell v. McDonalds:

The fast food battle for breakfast begins


Taco Bell is ringing loud with its new breakfast menu; challenging established McDonald’s.

Taco Bell has been making news with its popular new breakfast menu. Joining McDonald’s and Burger King by adding breakfast food to its roster, Taco Bell’s breakfast menu has been called a huge success. In fact, some people claim that the Taco Bell breakfast even rivals the McDonald’s breakfast, meaning a breakfast battle is underway.

Junior Adam Vale is one of thousands of Taco Bell breakfast devotees. He said, “The Taco Bell breakfast is awesome. I have tried almost everything they have to offer and have not been disappointed. My favorites are A.M. Crunchwrap and the Cinnabon delights. It’s much better than McDonald’s breakfast. I will definitely be going back; money well spent.”

In the United States, fast food breakfast is a $30 billion a year industry that will continue growing as the economy recovers. In fact, breakfast time is when McDonald’s earns 25% of its sales, meaning that McDonald’s biggest rival may no longer be their nemesis Burger King, but Taco Bell.

In 2014, McDonald’s first quarter earnings fell significantly below what analysts expected. There has also been an increasing emphasis on healthier eating over the past decade. As people start looking for healthier foods, the largest fast food chain in America seems less appealing. Another reason is that McDonald’s has been declining is the fact that Taco Bell is starting to steal the breakfast spotlight.

While McDonald’s is experiencing a sales dip, Taco Bell has been more up-front about the content of its food. In 2011, the company was sued in litigation that claimed that its ground beef contained more seasoning and binders than beef. The filling used in Taco Bell’s products was reported to be just 35% beef, which fell well below USDA standards.

In a 2014 video revealing the meat recipe, a Taco Bell employee said that the taco filling is 88% beef and 12% “signature recipe”. The seasoning used includes salt, chili pepper, tomato powder, sugar, garlic powder and even cocoa powder.

taco bell meat

The list also includes less familiar ingredients such as torula yeast, sodium phosphates, potassium chloride, citric acid, lactic acid, and soy lecithin. These ingredients are meant to “contribute to the flavor, moisture, consistency, and moisture of our seasoned beef,” elaborated the employee.

Regardless of the content of Taco Bell’s food, many customers aren’t fazed. Breakfast devotee Vale explained, “I read that it is about 85% beef and the rest was just things added to give it color, and texture, and many of the additives are found in things we eat every day. I think it tastes just fine and I would say it is meat.”

Whether people flock to eat their breakfast food or their tacos and burritos, Taco Bell is continuing to grow. The chain just might win the battle against the fast food breakfast goliath McDonald’s.