Healthy choices lead to a healthy life

Healthy choices lead to a healthy life

The human body has a very special way of communicating to us and we usually can tell what it is trying to say through one main source – attitude.

Most teenagers like to sit around and eat junk food while playing videogames all night and wonder why they don’t feel good the next day. Then, they get up eat a malnourished breakfast to start their day off and probably end up feeling very tired and exhausted. This leaves them with a very bad outlook toward everyone they talk to that day; kind of a “let’s just get this over with” type of attitude.

Everybody has been there at one point or another. But this begins to become a problem when people experience this every day and it starts to take over their usual personality. This may lead them to a malnourished lifestyle which can result in obesity and depression. Specialists are raising awareness that if people don’t stop eating and treating their bodies with garbage, then they may have a sour attitude every day.

After so many teens continue to complain about living their usual lives, something has to change. Not wanting to go to bed until 4 a.m. and not wanting to get up until 4 p.m. is a big problem among most teens these days. Older adults are always saying kids these days don’t have any motivation anymore because everything is handed to them. Well, in some cases that is right but what we eat and drink also plays a role in this scenario.

Milk provides one of the most important nutrients that young growing bodies need – calcium. Calcium can help grow strong bones and also make us feel more energetic. Another reason why teens are lacking nutritional value is because they start to stop taking vitamins in the morning. These vitamins are full of minerals that help support our immune system which helps us from getting sick and other things we need to function daily.

Teenagers and adults need to always keep fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. It is important to cut back on the salty junk foods and eat multiple cups of fruits and vegetables a day to help all of our organs and systems carry out the correct functions. You may think this is a lot to ask, but in the long run it will pay dividends and it is a proven fact that people who eat healthier are happier individuals. No, this does not mean to shove your face full of fruits and vegetables and to never eat junk food/heavy meat again, but to inform us that maybe choosing a banana over a bag of chips may make you feel better in the long run.

Simple tasks such as going to bed earlier, eating right, and exercising daily can all attribute to living a healthy lifestyle. Many will go on eating/living how they want and it will end up hurting them in the long run, others will take advantage now and start making healthier long term decisions like choosing carrots over chips. If you have any further questions, I was informed by Elder High School Nurse to contact the food supervisor Mrs. Barb Maret. She can help you choose some healthier food during Elder’s lunch that may help you get on track to a healthy life. Down the road, you may wish you had lived a healthier life, but make sure you do; don’t have any regrets.