Deller’s new ride

Evan Dellers new project

Joey Morand

Evan Deller’s new project

At the beginning of the school year, Evan Deller’s iconic orange truck, The Big O, could be seen tarring up the streets of Price Hill. The orange vehicle could be seen parked behind the Elder house, the purple and white house behind the press box, and every day at 2:35 a roar could be heard echoing the hills of the west side as Evan fired it up.

Deller decided he had enough fun with his truck, and that it was time for something new. He traded in his 1995 Ford F-150 for a brand new 1987 E30 Beamer. Well, I guess it’s not so new.

“I loved my truck, don’t get me wrong,” Said Deller in a recent interview. “It was just time for something new.”

Deller found his Beamer on Craigslist and traded it for the truck straight up. The only thing he wanted was the radio out of the truck, which he got to keep.

Once Deller acquired his new wheels, he quickly ran into a few problems.

“Something would go wrong here and there, but rebuilding it is half the fun, ” said Deller.

In the short time Deller has owned the car, he has done more work to it than some people do in their life.

“When I first got the Beamer, I knew I was going to lower it,” said Deller. He lowered the E30 Beamer two inches, making it a true low rider.

When the body style was to Deller’s liking, he had a few minor side jobs to get the Beamer street ready. The first minor task was to rebuild the motor. It took some time but it had to be done, Deller told me.

After the motor was rebuilt, Deller installed a new clutch and flywheel. Without a solid clutch you are dead in the water.

Deller received a welding set for Christmas so he could do more work on the car.

“Having my own welding set made it a lot easier to work on the car, I saved a lot of money doing it myself,” he said.

After all of the mechanics were finished, Deller customized the inside with some fresh carpet and some drugrug seat covers.

After several long months of hard work, Deller finally got the Beamer street ready.

If you ask Deller why he didn’t drive the Beamer in the winter, Evan would simply tell you he didn’t want the street salt to rust out the body.

Now that the weather is nice, and the car is actually street ready, keep an eye out for the lowered Beamer ripping burnouts on the streets of the west side.