GoPro camera craze sweeps America


As we all know, technology is quite complicated to put together. Even harder is compacting technology for the sake of mobility. Most high-definition cameras tend to be rather large nowadays. However, 13 years ago in California, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman had a stroke of genius. Being an active-lifer, Nick had always wanted to capture his activities on video and photo as well. The invention of the GoPro camera followed.

Released in 2005, the first GoPro camera was the Hero model—its dimensions were 2.5 x 3 inches. The reviews which followed were mixed. Although the quality of the camera’s image was unquestioned, the camera’s appearance and accessibility was criticized. For one, the camera was unable to be removed from its polycarbonate housing. Along with that, the camera also failed to provide a touch screen. In the end, the overall quality of the camera ended up trumping the minor flaws.

GoPro Hero CameraGoPro Hero Session

As of 2005, GoPro has released 11 different cameras, most being a part of the Hero series. The most recent product, the GoPro Hero 4 Session, is currently priced at $399 (the original GoPro Hero camera sold for $129). Overall, GoPro went from a start-up company to a $2.3 billion company in 13 years. As of now, GoPro is the obvious camera choice among teens. It has taken advantage of being a unique product with a wide range of consumers. While cameras like Nikons and Canons are limited, GoPros can be used for pretty much anything.

I personally have a GoPro (Hero 4 Silver) and I use it for many different activities, but mostly scuba diving. During my dives using an underwater filter, I am able to capture my entire dive in HD with a wide angle view. My neighbor, senior Bryce Wauligman, has also used a GoPro before for skiing. When I asked him about his experience Bryce replied, “The camera did a great job capturing all of my moves. The camera even held up when I had an epic wipeout.”

Overall, many GoPro users leave satisfied after their forays into HD active video and photography have ended. The GoPro may not have been around as long as most traditional cameras. However, I believe with its unique features it has the staying power to stick around.

If you’re interested in GoPro, here are the links to some of the best videos: