Is Facebook dead or alive?

Is Facebook dead or alive?

Everything becomes obsolete or dies. Everyone dies and some fashions go out of style. When it comes to technology, the same theory applies. Just as Facebook made Myspace obsolete, new forms of social media have and are still currently killing Facebook.

Facebook is a social media where you would create an account and follow friends. Once you have created the account you can play games on Facebook, the most popular being Farmville. You could also hold private conversations and poke your friends.

Is Facebook obsolete?

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So, why did Facebook just curl up and die? This question prompted me to go seek an answer.

I searched for days, trying to find a sophomore that had an affiliation with Facebook. However, everyone that I asked led me to one of two conclusions. Either they told me that they never had a Facebook, or that they made one and never used it.

Not happy with the sophomore class, I looked towards the juniors for better answers. I asked two of the most prominent juniors in social media, Lucas Downey and John Rokich.

Lucas said that he had a Facebook, and mainly used it for his Farmville. He said,“When my Farmville died I realized how trash Facebook really was.” Lucas continued saying, “Once my eyes were opened, I realized that Facebook is like the WNBA of basketball.”

Now Lucas uses other forms of social media like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat. The social media he is most prominent on is Twitter, trolling fellow classmates as @LucasDowney6. He’s always on, never missing a second of the action.

Facebook is that one kid that acts like Oak Hills is good only when they play Elder.”

— Lucas Downey

When I asked John Rokich about his opinion of Facebook, he scoffed at me, saying “I know like five people who still use that.” Rokich even went as far as to compare Facebook to Over the Rhine from 10 years ago. Rokich says that now he sticks to Twitter and Snapchat mainly. His final sound-off was “I tweet straight fire just follow me @J23Rokich 22909 #R.I.P.” Alright…

I went on a search for one of the few people that Rokich knew that still used Facebook on the daily. After weeks of searching, I was finally able to catch up with senior Robert Pepper.

Pepper voiced his support for Facebook, saying it will soon makes its way back into the hearts of many.

While some young people still use Facebook, it seems that only businesses and the parent generation constantly still use it. For one, I hear many radio stations telling their listeners to check their Facebooks for more details or that they just posted something on Facebook. Aunts, moms, and even grandparents are still active on Facebook.

The only person I know who gets on Facebook is 75.”

— Lucas Downey

In conclusion, it seems that Facebook might not be dead yet. However, it appears that Facebook is clinging to the older generation. As time goes on I would not be surprised if the more aged folks eventually drop Facebook like much of the younger population has.