Planned Parenthood videos spark abortion question

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Abortion is probably the most controversial topic in America today. Many are on the side of pro-life, or anti-abortion, and some are on the side pro-choice, pro-abortion. Planned Parenthood has been a major stimulus all across the nation for this topic, especially for Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina. Mrs. Fiorina is pro-life, and has brought the Planned Parenthood issue to the headlines of almost every newspaper.

Fiorina has had some heated debates on the topic, one specifically with Joy Behar, who claimed what Fiorina said about Planned Parenthood was false. Fiorina does not take anything from anyone, and bounced back everything Behar said with facts proving she was right.

Planned Parenthood’s own mission statement states that it is a nonprofit organization that does research into and gives advice on contraception, family planning, and reproductive problems. But this statement only covers half of the story. Planned Parenthood also handles abortions, more so than any other service. It’s an organizations ran by hypocrites, who claim to be nonprofit, yet make thousands of dollars on the illegal process of selling fetal tissue parts. What’s most stunning is several videos online have been going viral where the President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, is smiling as an abortion is taking place and the fetus is being dissected for parts. The scariest and most disturbing part about this was THE FETUS WAS STILL ALIVE.

The baby fetus was kicking its leg throughout the video, then was dissected for its body parts. The reason for this was to sell the dissected limbs to stem cell researchers, which Planned Parenthood claims the act is justified by this. In no way, shape, or form is the dissection of a living being for money a good act. Especially when Planned Parenthood claims to be a non-profit organization. Not only is it disturbing, but also highly illegal. Abortion, unfortunately in our opinion, is legal. However, the selling of fetal tissue is highly illegal, and a federal crime.

Elder teacher and Panthers for Life moderator Ms. Kurzhals was asked about the videos. “They are disgusting and inhumane. Planned Parenthood is funded with millions of dollars by the government, yet most of it is spent on abortion,” Ms. Kurzhals said. “How many women’s health services is Planned Parenthood actually providing? Most of the money donated to Planned Parenthood is spent on abortions.”

Is the government funding really necessary? After all, if the services they are spending the majority of the money funded on abortions, which they turn into a black market profit, then they should not receive funding, or at least not as much.

Elder student Jared Malott also had an opinion on the matter, and has seen all the videos. “The videos don’t lie,” he said. “They are the largest abortion clinic chain in the United States.” According to Jared, Planned Parenthood advertises their women’s care services like a fast food brand.

“Rumors have been going around for years. Yes, Planned Parenthood offers other services aiding women’s health, but the biggest money maker, by a long-shot, is carrying out the murders of the unborn,” Jared said. When a buyer would ask for a specific part, the abortion process has been seen in the videos to be altered to keep the part intact. Not only does this violate the Federal Abortion Laws, they hide the procedure from the mother.

How can anyone consider this morally correct? Yes we understand the pro-choice argument that it’s the woman’s choice what happens to her body. Regardless of her choice, the evidence of the live fetus moving before dissection is too strong of a movement to even consider this side. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the selling of the human body parts is morally corrupt, disgusting, and arguably the most inhumane and barbaric thing we have ever seen.

We encourage people of all stances to view the videos. We will provide a link of one of the cleaner videos. This video is still disturbing, but keep in mind this was the mildest one we could find on the matter. The video is biased, but we had to find the cleanest version. Please take the time to watch the full videos, regardless of your stance on the issue.

The link below is not the actual dissection. If you wish to find the dissections we encourage you to look for them on your own. This is the video of the discussion of selling of the fetus, and near the end (ESPECIALLY WATCH THE END) the parts are displayed to a possible buyer. Again, viewer discretion is advised, as some of the material is quite disturbing.  There are several other videos off to the side of the video in YouTube.