Panthers take on Raising Canes

Why Raising Canes needs to expand to the West Side of Cincinnati

Saturday Night was not the happiest night for the Elder Panthers, in terms of the football game against Colerain; however, a multitude of panthers found themselves rejoicing for the same reason: they were eating at Raising Canes.

To anyone who isn’t aware of“Canes” (as the normal customers refer to it), it is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fingers.  Literally, their entire menu is compiled of chicken fingers, sides, and meal combos containing chicken fingers.  Their logo’s subtitle: “Chicken Fingers.”

Raising Canes' logo
Raising Canes’ logo

To anyone who has siblings or cousins or friends who attend Ohio State University,  Canes may sound familiar.  OSU’s campus, and all of it’s surrounding neighborhoods are littered with Canes, like Cincinnati is with Chipotle and Skyline.  

Back to Saturday night.  After the game, Michael Townsley’s Volvo pulled into Canes with great excitement.  Six Panthers entered the restaurant, only to realize that the place was already taken over by Elder Nation.

In accordance with the discussions in the car, prior to arriving at the restaurant, I, along with everyone else with a brain, ordered the Caniac Combo.  The Caniac is not your grandmother’s chicken tender combo.  For a small fee of $9.49, you receive six of the greatest tenders man has ever consumed, fries, extra fries, coleslaw, and a piece of Texas toast.  They also throw on a 32 oz. beverage, and two cups of “Canes Sauce,” which is a secret mixture of herbs, spices and sauces.

The Caniac Combo
The Caniac Combo

Of course, I opted to replace the slaw with another piece of Texas toast, because I’m a seasoned Canes connoisseur. Coleslaw is for the weak.  Moreover, Texas toast is the most delectable piece of bread anyone has ever eaten.  Yes, better than the rolls at O’Charley’s and Texas Roadhouse.

Michael Townsley spoke more on the subject of the chicken fingers joint, along with his experience therein.

It baffles me as to why the West Side lacks a Raising Canes.  If there were a location within 15 minutes of Elder, I would easily make the trip every day of the week.  Needless, to say, I’ve made the 40 minute trip out to Tylersville a multitude of times, just to get my fix of fingers and toast.

I suggest somewhere on Glenway Avenue.  Accessible to most, within 10 minutes of essentially everything in Cincinnati, and already surrounded by competing restaurants.  If there isn’t enough room, perhaps tear down Planet Fitness or one of the 13 mattress stores on Glenway.  No one needs either of those places.

The addition of a Canes to this side of town would definitely take a toll on my funds, as I would spend all of my money there, but I still urge the CEO of Raising Canes to consider expanding to the ‘Nati.  It would be an extremely profitable investment, and a relief to many local fans of the chain.