Best places to vacation


With the cold fast approaching and snow right around the corner, it’s feels like a good time to go back to a warmer time and look at some of the favorite vacation spots for people here at Elder. After researching and asking students their favorite spots to relax in the summer I have found a few common and interesting locations that people love to visit again and again.

The first spot that I found was the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. This Caribbean resort is great for relaxing in the sun and has plenty of activities to keep your interest. Senior Austin “Tito” James is a returning guest to Atlantis and says, “It is the best place on Earth. The people are always nice and trying to make you feel more comfortable.” A couple of the many attractions that are offered include a water park, golf course, and swimming with the dolphins.

“There is nothing better than sitting on the beach catching some rays, and enjoying a nice place with family and friends,” said Tito. For those of us who are 18, it is a great place to be because of the 18 year old requirement for the casinos and also the sports book. So instead of going to Vegas for March Madness when you are 21, you can go to Atlantis.

New York City is another place where people mentioned having a great time. While it might not have a relaxing beach to lay on, such as the Bahamas, the Big Apple definitely offers plenty to do for tourists. You can go to a concert, see a sporting event, or visit one of the many attractions they have. Senior Cody Kyle said, “The Statue of Liberty is a must visit because the great view it has of the skyline.” New York is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

“New York is awesome. It is a beautiful city and it has such a variety of great foods as well as so many sights to see. You will never spend a second being bored while in New York,” is how Cody described his experiences in New York. The city is pretty much the center of the country and everything that happens there is big. This is definitely a spot to visit if you are a big sight-seer and enjoy big cities.

A final vacation spot and perhaps the most popular among Elder is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Many people have been to Hilton Head so they know of the fun and entertainment that it has to offer. Hilton Head is a huge destination for Cincinnati vacationers so there is a good chance you will see some fellow Westsiders while you are down there.

You can’t talk about Hilton Head without mentioning the Salty Dog Café. This restaurant is a huge tourist destination and if you dine there, it is a must that you get a t-shirt. Junior Tim Tieman talked about the Salty Dog saying, “[The Salty Dog] is arguably the best restaurant on the eastern shore. It always has such a great atmosphere that makes it special.” I have never been to Hilton Head but it is at the top of my list of places I want to visit sooner rather than later.