Winter concerts on the rise


Winter concerts are more popular now than they ever have been. There are even bigger names coming more often during the winter season. There are six big names coming to the greater Cincinnati area this year. They are Brantley Gilbert, Chris Young, Aaron Lewis, Blake Shelton, Rihanna, and Hoodie Allen.

Brantley Gilbert is coming January 29th, 2016 to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Gilbert is more of an up-and-coming artists, and is one of my personal favorites. He is a country-rock hybrid artist. His most famous country rock song is “Kick It in The Sticks.” His greatest hits are “One Hell of an Amen” which was released on his Just as I am platinum addition album and “Bottoms Up” which was also a part of the Just as I am album.

He is coming with Michael Ray and Canaan Lewis. They both have one popular song. Michael has “Kiss You in The Morning” while Canaan Smith has “Love you Like That.” I am a fan of both of these songs. I am going to this concert and cannot wait for it to start.

Chris Young is also coming on January 29th, 2016, but he is coming to the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati. Chris Young won the 2006 season of “Nashville Star.” His 2013 album A.M. produced three hit singles. Young is coming with Cassadee Pope. Pope won the third season of The Voice. I saw Pope open up for Tim McGraw at Riverbend during the summer of 2014. Overall I was impressed with her performance.

Aaron Lewis is coming February 6th, 2016 to the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati. Because this concert is at a casino you have to be 21 years or older to attend, otherwise I would be there. Aaron Lewis opened up for Brantley Gilbert last year. Aaron Lewis’ biggest hit is “Country Boy.” Lewis is still waiting for his breakout song, but I enjoy his small-town, good ol’ America music. I like how he sings about his family and his love for this country. I cannot wait until he comes back and I am allowed to attend.

Blake Shelton is coming February 18th, 2016 to US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati. Shelton is a very popular country artist who is a six time Grammy-award nominee. His song “Doin’ What She Likes” broke the record for the most consecutive weeks at #1 in the chart’s 24 year history. Shelton is coming with Chris Janson. Janson is most well-known for his hit “Buy Me a Boat.” I got to see Blake Shelton play with Jana Kramer and Easton Corbin in New York during his “Ten Times Crazier” tour. I loved and eve got a high-five from Shelton himself. February 18th is a Thursday night, but I still expect a sold out crowd at US Bank to watch one of the greats of country music perform. I know I want to be there.

Hoodie Allen is coming to Bogart’s in Cincinnati on March 8th, 2016. Allen is an independent hip-hop artist. Last summer Hoodie Allen was opening up for Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa. Hoodie Allen released his debut studio album People Keep Talking in October of 2014. Hoodie Allen is coming with Superduperkyle and Blackbear. Superduperkyle and Blackbear are both very young and very up-and-coming artists.

Rihanna is coming March 19, 2016 to US Bank Arena. Rihanna is a very popular hip-hop singer. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide making her one of the most popular artists in history. Rihanna has won many awards including eight Grammy awards. Coming with Rihanna to US Bank is Travis Scott. Scott is a rapper. His debut album Rodeo was released September 4th, 2015. He is an upcoming artist who should be excited to get to tour with Rihanna. I am not personally a Rihanna fan, but I would be extremely surprised if her concert was not sold out.

Billy Joel is coming to US Bank Arena on April 52016. I know he is not technically a winter concert, but because he is playing in an arena and what kind of an entertainer he is I felt he needed to be included in the story. He is the sixth best-selling artist and third best recording-artist in the United States. He had top 40 hits from the 70s-90s and has won six Grammys. He is in multiple music Hall of Fames, the most notable being the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My personnel favorite song of his is also his first hit song, it came out in 1973 and it is Piano Man. Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you know piano man. On April 5th I expect the arena to be filled with fans of all ages just wanting to get to see a legend perform one more time.

Winter concerts are becoming more and more popular and the fans are definitely enjoying them. I talked to A.J. Richmond and the marketing manager at US Bank Arena, “Do you feel winter concerts are becoming more popular? If so, why?” They both responded “Yes” with the manager adding “Like all things, the concert industry is very cyclical. Currently there is a resurgence in arena tours as a whole and we are seeing a very fruitful 2016 concert calendar.” I definitely agree that there is a very star studded line up coming to US Bank this year.

I asked the US Bank Arena sales manager, “Do you believe an indoor arena, like US Bank, is the future of Concerts?” He said, “There are always going to be concerts that prefer to play amphitheaters and the outdoor setting. But as shows and stage setups become more elaborate, they will have no choice but to play arenas. Amphitheaters leave tours with very little control over stage plots and additional effects while an arena’s setup for one of a kind experiences.”

I have been to both indoor and outdoor concerts and at outdoor the most you get is a screen behind the artist with some flashing lights. The indoor ones are definitely more elaborate.

This winter is shaping up to be a great season for concerts. Whether you are attending concerts at US Bank or in a whole different city you have to be excited for this season. We have people from Billy Joel to Rihanna to Blake Shelton choosing the indoor venue instead of being outside. The 2016 schedule continues to shape up as a huge year for US Bank Arena and other arenas around the Tri-State. For up to date information on all of our events, visit you can go onto any of the artist’s websites for further information.