Who makes the best pizza?

photo from cincyfavorites.com

A pepperoni pizza from LaRosas

photo from cincyfavorites.com A pepperoni pizza from LaRosa’s

Almost everyone loves pizza, but there is always a debate about what place makes pizza best.  In the Greater Cincinnati area there are a plethora of options.  Obviously, there are the esteemed pizza chains such as, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, etc., but in Cincinnati we are lucky to have places that are mostly exclusive to the Queen City including LaRosa’s, Trotta’s, Dewey’s, Snappy Tomato and others.  I caught up with a few members of the student body to get their opinion.

First, I talked with Michael Jansen.  I asked Michael what pizza place he liked best and why.  “Without a doubt LaRosa’s personal pan pizza is the best.”  He then added “I just like their cheese, I’m not a fan of toppings.”  LaRosa’s is a Cincinnati classic.  They offer so much more than strictly pizza.  LaRosa’s also makes calzones, hoagys, pastas, rondos, soups, salads and more.  It’s a main staple in the Cincinnati area, but recently LaRosa’s has expanded into Dayton and Columbus.

Next, I asked Ross Mullen what place he liked best.  “I personally like Domino’s.”  Mullen stated.  I then asked what made Domino’s his favorite. “I am a big garlic crust guy.” he said.  Domino’s is unique in that sprinkle the dough with garlic to add flavor. Six years ago, Domino’s took heat from customers throughout the US because Domino’s was falling behind it’s competitors.  After basically reinventing the way they make pizza, it has paid off.  Domino’s is a national chain and has multiple locations within the Cincinnati area.

photo from epicproportions.com A Domino's pepperoni pizza
photo from epicproportions.com
A Domino’s pepperoni pizza

Finally, I caught up with Brian Pfaffinger, and asked him what his go to pizza place was.  “I enjoy Dewey’s, but Máka Mia Pizza’s 14 inch pepperoni pizza is my favorite.”  Most people have never heard of Máka Mia Pizza mainly because you have to venture through Bob’s Drive Thru on West Eighth to have this pizza.  Pfaffinger, an employee of Máka Mia Pizza claims that it’s owned by JTM. Pfaffinger added. “You can find some really great deals. We don’t have a wide selection, but we make very good and affordable pizza. While it may not be popular, but it’s definitely worth a try.

My personal favorite is Jet’s Pizza.  They make a tremendous eight corner pizza.  Once again Jet’s isn’t a household name, but in my opinion they make a great pizza.   Jet’s only has one location on the Westside, which is located on Delhi pike.

photo from jetspizza.com Jet's eight corner pizza
photo from jetspizza.com
Jet’s eight corner pizza

Whether it’s a national chain or a place you’ve never even heard of, there will always be a debate on which place makes the best pizza.