Why is “The Donald” so indestructible?

There hasn’t been a politician in history who has said as much garbage as Donald Trump. And there hasn’t been a politician who is not affected by anything he says like Donald Trump. It seems as if Trump is invincible, saying one ignorant or insulting comment after another, and he just keeps going up in the polls.

Trump’s most recent comment was stating he “loves the poorly educated.” There are some things a president can say, and some things he can’t. This is one of those things he just can’t say. But for some reason, almost every candidate who has said something so far out there they seem to go up with every comment. Trump is the clearest example. Another would be Marco Rubio and his comment about Trump’s hand size which related to something else.

He’s made so many comments that here is a link to 199 of his most outrageous comments since 1989.

Eight months ago, if people were asked if Trump could make it this far with is outgoing personality, almost every person would have said no chance, and many of them did. Yet, for some reason Trump is continuing to rise in the polls.

There is no reason an outsider with his kind of personality should be in the running for president. Trump so far has shown he is not fit to be president, nor even a presidential candidate. The rest of the country seems to think so, but why?

Senior Joe Kraft thinks it is because the people are tired of being twisted around by the Republican Party and they are sending a message. “No one really wanted McCain to run, and no one wanted Palin on the ticket. They couldn’t win, but the party still went with this.” Kraft sees this as sticking it to the party for not considering the people and losing when they go on their own decisions.

Senior Tyler Wuebbolt has a similar opinion. “Trump strikes nerves under everyone’s skin and the people want something new.” The people are tired of the establishment candidate like Bush, and so tired of them they will vote for an extreme lunatic as in Trump.

No matter how tired the people are of the pulling of strings behind the Republican Party, there is no circumstance where a man like Donald Trump should be considered for office. I will give Trump his due, he has more business sense than half of Washington DC and could probably run the country economically, but his foreign policy is what scares me.

If you haven’t noticed, people don’t really like Trump. Just look at all the people who threaten to leave if he is even the nominee: Raven Symone, Miley Cyrus, Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, plus many others. And if you also haven’t noticed, America isn’t too liked either. Look to the Middle East for your answers there.

Trump is too extreme to be a leader, and is not as Republican as he seems. If he wins the nomination, it’s a race between two Democrats. At one point I was hoping he would win, but as the primaries have dragged on, I have become more and more insulted by Trump’s actions and comments.

Being Hispanic, the idea of the wall wasn’t offensive to me, and this is the one thing of Trump’s I fully support. But I have yet to see a foreign policy plan or an economic plan that details how he is “going to make America great again.” It’s his comments about Jeb Bush’s wife of which I took real offense. Trump, she isn’t in the race and Bush wasn’t a threat from the beginning. There was no need for ignorant and childish comments like that.

I am a Republican through thick and thin, if Trump wins the nomination, I will support him because he is more conservative than Hillary, but he wants to get conservative agenda done the liberal way. If he’s the nominee I will back him. But for now, me like many other Republicans, want anyone but Donald Trump.

Here is a little slide show of some of the most ridiculous comments he’s made over the past few months.