Trump vs. Pelosi all 2019

2019 State of the Union, Review

February 8, 2019

Although I appreciate our president, I understand he is not perfect.  One area of weakness for our leader is controlled public speaki...

Rousey starts a new chapter

Rousey starts a new chapter

February 8, 2018

During the Royal Rumble on Sunday, February 28th, Ronda Rousey made a surprise entrance at the end of...

Legendary Wambach retires

Legendary Wambach retires

January 4, 2016

LeBron James, Peyton Manning and Landon Donovan have one thing in common, they have changed their respective...

Trump stirring up controversy

Donald Trump is a man of controversy

December 10, 2015

Donald Trump is a man who simply doesn't care what anyone else thinks, and he explicitly shows this with...

Women taking the reigns

Women taking the reigns

October 12, 2015

It’s a weird notion that men know more about sports than women. Any person who has knowledge and love...

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