The tradition of ElderFest

ElderFest, contains tournaments of all sorts, the Faculty Fliers vs Students, entertainment, and more

Photoshop by Cole Carle

Photoshop by Cole Carle

Its the end of April, the 4th quarter is coming to a close, seniors are ready to graduate, and freshman are worried about the upcoming final exams of their first year.

One thing Elder has done, since the 90s, has brought the school together for a Friday afternoon in order to celebrate the end of the school year. This event better known as Elderfest will take place on Friday, April 29th.

This is a day where students can relax and hang out with their fellow classmates. Mr. Reiring, who is the supervisor for the Student Council, and runs Elderfest told me what he knows about the start of this one of a kind day,”It’s my understanding that Elderfest is modeled after St. X’s Music Fest.  When Elder guys found out that St. X ran some sort of festival day during the spring, the Student Council guys went to Mr. Otten or maybe even Fr. Schaeper when he was still principal, and suggested a similar kind of event.”

He also told me what the true meaning of Elderfest is all about, “Elder has focused on the “passing of the torch” theme from the senior class to the junior class as the rationale for the event.”

The day always starts with a Mass out in the Pit (weather permitting). This is when the top 10 academic seniors are honored and next year’s Student Council President (Roman Lee) will give a speech on next school year. From there the student body, funnels into the gym to see the winning team of the intramural basketball tournament take on the Faculty Flyers. After that the students are free to go about and compete in any tournaments they wish, or they can just hang. In years past, JTM has served lunch and there is a battle of the bands while you eat.

If your a freshman, or someone who doesn’t remember much of what happens at Elderfest here are some of the popular tournaments or events:


Corn-hole: Requires a partner

Birdieball: Test your skills by chipping the plastic golf ball into a target

Wiffle Ball: Grab a team of friends and play a three inning ball game

Open Play: To just have fun, do anything you want like toss football, or play soccer

Inside the Fieldhous

3v3 Basketball: A popular tournament where you and 2 friends play some hoops

Dodgeball: Did not take place last year due to renovations, you and your teams take part in the tournament

Schaeper Center

Euker: The hard to learn card game game, partner required

Ping Pong: AKA Table Tennis, play to 21 in the most popular tournament

Mario Games: Multiple Mario games inside the classrooms

Main Building

Video Games: a popular category, these tournaments range from sports, to Call of Duty

Movies: many movies and TV shows are showing if you want to relax and catch a good flick.

Now you know what’s in store and what has spiked your  interest. Not to mention the prize when you win a competition (last year it was Chipotle giftcards). This is truly a day one wants to come to school.