Previewing the ElderFest NBA 2k Tourney

The NBA 2K Tournament is one of the best events around during ElderFest. This year’s tournament features 36 players, and they will all compete in a one-and-out style tournament to crown the Elder 2K Champ. The bracket was determined by compiling a list of 36 players and 36 teams, then randomizing those lists to determine who got which team. The players and their respective teams were then put into another randomizer to determine their position in their tournament’s bracket. However, some trades were made before the final bracket came out. Here’s a recap of the trades:

  • Ryan Ruehl trades the current Cleveland Cavaliers to John Short for the ’98 Jazz.
  • Luke Ruehl trades the OKC Thunder to Aaron Bishop for the ’87 Lakers.
  • Alex Wertz trades the ’89 Bulls to Jayden Schwallie for the Charlotte Hornets.
  • Alex Wertz trades the Charlotte Hornets to Ethan Mattingly for the Sacramento Kings
  • Alex Wertz trades the Sacramento Kings to Luke Ruehl for the ’87 Lakers.
  • David Dabbelt trades the current Detroit Pistons for the current Lakers.
  • Jacario Fairbanks, Ryan Murphy, and Corey Manhema do first 3-man trade in tournament history.¬†Fairbanks gets Warriors from Manhema, Fairbanks trades ’88 Pistons to Murphy, Murphy trades Spurs to Manhema.

Click here to see what the official bracket looks like.

As you can see, a lot of these guys take the tournament very seriously. Last year’s tourney a thriller, ending in a game-winning shot in the championship game by Zach Schmitt. This year’s tournament should be just as exciting, but here are some bold predictions for the opening round games:

1.Friesy makes the Elite 8.

With an easy first round matchup against Cole Carle and a weak region, Fries could use the Heat’s depth to run the table.

2. Greely and the Pacers take down DeBrueler and the ’86 Celtics.

The ’86 Celtics are a great team, but Paul George is a matchup nightmare for Larry Bird. If Greely uses the Pacers’ athleticism and racks up fast break points, then he should have a decent chance at pulling off the upset.

3. Powell to the Final 4.

The ’08 Celtics, next to the Warriors, have one of the best collection of shooters in the game. Powell could face a tough challenge against Jacario Fairbanks and the Warriors, but Powell has what it takes to pull off the upset with a team like the ’08 Celtics.

4. Ingle takes down Manhema.

Manhema and the Spurs vs. Ingle and the 01 Lakers will likely be the best first round matchup. With two powerhouse teams, this will ultimately come down to who is the better player of the two. If Ingle uses Shaq to bully the Spurs in the paint, he could likely walk away with the win.

5. Murphy takes down Reiring.

The Bad Boy Pistons vs. Vince Carter’s Raptors will be a great first round matchup, but Reiring is very upset-prone. He will definitely have his hands full against the 89 Pistons.

6. Mitch Gibbs to the Elite 8.

With the ’01 Sixers, Allen Iverson will have to come up big for Gibbs in order to make a run. He’s got a tough first round matchup against Browne and the Celtics, and probably an even tougher matchup the next round against Short and the Cavs if he advances. However, you can’t discount Iverson’s value as a scorer. With only two minute quarters, Iverson catching fire early could mean a runaway victory for Gibbs.

7. Zach Schmitt repeats as champion.

After getting a cupcake draw and a great team (’95-’96 Bulls), Schmitt has a great chance to make it to the final game. As a former champion, tournament Corey Manhema allowed Schmitt to pick whichever historic team he wanted. Last year he won off of a three-point buzzer-beater, but this year he might win more convincingly.

Now, with the field consisting of high school boys, there’s bound to be trash talk leading up to the tournament. Here are some quotes from various contestants about their first round matchups:

“Being the favorite in this tournament isn’t much pressure knowing my skill level is far more superior than anyone else’s.”–David Dabbelt, Lakers

“Bishop is buns and I’m confident I’ll win it all.”–Josh Powell, ’08 Celtics

“Why I have a play-in game is beyond me.”–Zach Fries, Heat

“Serv(ice) don’t want these hands.”–Michael Corcoran, Hawks

“Carmelo is gonna score 100% of my points because the Knicks suck, and Fries is goin’ down.”–Cole Carle, Knicks

“Ry Ruehl better get his beauty sleep Thursday night, he’s gonna need it.”–Jack Wertz, Grizzlies

As you can see, the guys are pretty fired up. The tournament kicks off Friday morning after mass ends on a second floor room; exact room location TBD.