Elder students look forward to summer

Elder students look forward to summer

May is finally here and it’s time to start thinking about what every kid loves,  summer. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or hard work at a summer job, everyone is looking forward to the break.  I asked a few students what they have planned for the summer.

Junior Ryan Ruehl has a great summer ahead of him.

“I know this will be my last summer before I have to prepare for college, so I want to take full advantage of it,”  Ruehl said.  “I plan on hanging out with my friends as well as enjoying my vacation to Hilton Head.”

Ryan also said that he plans to work a lot at the Walgreens on North Bend.  He encourages you to stop in at any time.

Luke Greely also has a busy summer planned.

” I plan on getting a job at either Mike’s Carwash or Walgreens,” said Greely, a lacrosse player, who is also looking forward to the lacrosse program’s annual trip to Long Island.

Tim Tieman wants to get a lot done during his summer break.

“I plan on working on Mondays thru Saturdays at Kelsey Chevrolet and Nieman Landscaping,” said Tieman.  “I will definitely take some college visits, hang out with my buddies, go to some concerts, catch some Reds games, and relax by the pool.”

Additionally, Sam Poli has a fun summer ahead.

“I want to get a job and I’m going to be playing a lot of baseball,”  said Poli.  “I’m also looking forward to a relaxing vacation in Florida.” he added.

Finally, Michael Groh was caught off guard when I asked him about his summer plans.

“Well I haven’t thought about summer too much, but I can’t wait to chill with the boys and some ladies,” Groh said. He also wants to play cornhole and work on getting a nice tan.

It’s important to finish out this school year on a high note, but it’s nice to realize summer is right around the corner.  On behalf of The Quill, have a great summer!