Political correctness needs to go

Americans are no longer voicing their own opinions.


Screenshot taken from Netflix original, “House of Cards.”

Most people today have opinions and statements to make. As individuals, we like to put in our two cents and show others how smart we are.

However, when it comes to the pleasing others and fitting in with the rest of the world people tend to hold back when faced with criticism and possible alienation.

In too many situations people are afraid to speak their mind or voice their opinion. This involves not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings and not wanting to be attacked for your true ideas, and it needs to go.

The problem should not be speaking your mind, but knowing how to speak. Being able to speak and form your own opinions is crucial in common dialogue between two normal humans.

Political correctness stops dialogue completely. Basic, true foundations will not be heard and what is really happening is not getting acknowledged or discussed.

This loser mentality also makes us dumber. It keeps people close-minded and ignorant to other views. When we are afraid to mention statistics and facts, due to the potential of offending someone, it is a detriment to society and causes regression.

Having this weight on the shoulders of Americans is making us stubborn. It shows that individuals are afraid to hear other people’s views because acknowledging them means potentially losing credibility for your biased perspective. Ignorance refuses to hear others and includes seeing issues through a single lens.

Political correctness is compromising a fundamental right that Americans possess, freedom of speech. Modern citizens should not be afraid to speak their minds, no matter how realistic and harsh the thoughts might be. One should speak their mind, but in a professional manner and use evidence to support the argument.

Super sensitivity needs to be controlled. Today, people are attacked for saying the smallest things. Citizens must embrace the value that every person has the right to say what he or she needs to say in a respectful  and informed way.

Communication is essential to solving all issues and being direct is key to solving problems. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing; it is essential to growth, conflict, and ideas.

It is impossible to please everyone, but being modest and honest is something all people should appreciate and value. Plural ignorance is real, and exists at many points in various areas and platforms. Varying opinions and perspectives  should not be held back. True growth, both personal and communal, comes from the sharing of different thought processes.

Political correctness doesn’t teach people to be mindful of problems in the way they think; it teaches them to avoid “offending people.” As soon as we made political correctness a game of feelings, we allowed people to diminish, laugh at, or become angry about anyone who takes offense.  We allowed people to stop caring about political correctness, and thus, to stop caring about the problems which inspired it.

Can Americans really say what they want nowadays?
Can Americans really say what they want nowadays?

Saying goodbye to political correctness does not mean we can say goodbye to good manners. Talking with people unlike ourselves, learning from them instead of stereotyping them is what will lead to a more peaceful world. Political correctness is, and has always only been, one faulty or tenuous  attempt to encourage us all to coexist.