Chipotle’s Burger Bistro?

It’s no doubt Chipotle is one of the top lunch or dinner choices for an Elder student but would you enjoy a Chipotle brand burger? As of Thursday, October 27th 2016, Chipotle has opened a new fast food burger restaurant, Tasty Made, not too far away in Lancaster Ohio.

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The fast food restaurant follows the same premise of its Mexican counterpart by taking pride its high quality, steroid free ingredients. The burgers they make are only from 100% real beef with no added steroids or antibiotics. If the beef tastes as good as the meat they put in their burritos, the makers of Chipotle might be onto another successful restaurant chain.

I would be an understatement to call Robby Westercamp a Chipotle enthusiast. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man went through withdrawals if he didn’t have his weekly dose of Chipotle Mexican Grill.

“Chipotle is a mixture of healthy and exceptionally tasty cuisine. I thoroughly enjoy visiting Chipotle as much as I can. I get just about everything on my burrito and although they never seem to successfully wrap my burrito without it completely exploding, I still enjoy it. As for this new joint Tasty Made, before you mentioned it, I had no idea it even existed. I’m sure it’ll be great but nothing will surpass the GOAT (Chipotle Mexican Grill).” He also mentioned if he were to be passing by the restaurant at any point he would be enthusiastic about giving it a try.

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Despite Robby’s enthusiasm, reviews haven’t met expectations on the internet. Many reviews commented that the burgers weren’t bad but they certainly weren’t great either. Others commented that it tasted just like a McDonald’s burger. The only difference being that it cost 3.75 instead of a dollar. Almost every single review on yelp included a 2-3 out of 5-star rating and at some point mentioned “a let down”. Chipotle makes a mean burrito but might not be ready for the burger business.