Schutte struggles as youngest member of The Quill

A review of Journalism student Tyler Schutte

Tyler Schutte relaxes in Journalism class before getting down to the business of writing.

photo by Sam Poli

Tyler Schutte relaxes in Journalism class before getting down to the business of writing.

Many students have done great things at Elder High School. Whether it be in athletics, in the classroom, serving the community, students here truly follow the school model of Altiora.

While many go above and beyond for what they are called to do, there are certainly some who fall short of the expectations. Here we recognize Tyler Schutte.

Schutte certainly does have his faults (if you have read some of his articles, then you know what I am talking about), but overall he is not a bad guy.

“I’ve led a pretty normal life to this point,” says Schutte. “Elder has been one of the best parts of my life and I love going to school here.”

Schutte came up through St. Teresa as a Bruinhawk playing football, baseball, and basketball. Here at Elder he has continued to play baseball, but decided to take a new path and took up wrestling, as many other students have here as well.

Schutte out in center field in a game against the Lancers (photo by Varsity views)

“Many of my friends wrestle, so I decided to join the team as well. While it certainly is tough, it is all worth it in the end.”

As said earlier, Tyler Schutte is your standard Elder student. He receives solid grades, he is involved in multiple extra-curricular activities, and enjoys watching the Panthers on Friday nights.

“Being apart of the student section is truly something special here at Elder,” says Schutte. “There’s nothing like being surrounded by 10,000 people to share in the rich tradition of cheering on the Panthers.

And as stated earlier, we all have our faults, but Schutte has a hump that he just cannot get over. Tyler Schutte has yet to write a successful article that pleases the audience or his fellow esteemed writers of The Purple Quill.

There are currently 21 members in Journalism, and with Schutte being the only sophomore, his inexperience and lack of maturity as a writer has shown in his articles.

I questioned Senior writer of The Quill, Connor Lohmiller of his thoughts on Schuttes abysmal articles. “He brings nothing to The Quill. Nearly everything he writes is either a national headline, or just straight up stupid. I regard him as a disgrace to The Purple Quill.”

Now don’t get me wrong here. The man himself also agrees that his articles are not up to par.

His articles make me puke.

— Ben Farwick

“The biggest problem with my articles is that I don’t apply myself,” says Schutte. “In most cases, I only spend about 25-30 minutes per article.”

Junior writer Ben Farwick even decided to chime in on the

One of Schutte's worst articles thus far.
One of Schutte’s articles.

bashing. “His articles are so bad, they make my head hurt. I often like to check myself for some kind of sickness after reading them.”

No question that Schutte has many critics, but he holds a different perspective. “I have no one to blame but myself for the reviews I have been getting. I actually use the hate that I get as extra motivation for future articles that I will write.”

Love or hate his articles, he does show signs of resiliency. Believe it or not, I do see small glimmer of hope for Schutte’s future writing. Either way, he can only go up from here.

Moderator’s Note: Of course those who frequent the pages of The Purple Quill both online and in print can testify to the fact that every other staff writer should be lining up to accept their Pulitzer Prize any day now. They certainly have demonstrated the right to criticize other writers who are beneath them.