How did your favorite faculty member celebrate New Year’s Eve?

How did your favorite faculty member celebrate New Years Eve?

Everyone around the world celebrates New Year’s Eve in a different way. Some people eat certain foods that are supposed to bring them good luck while others just go out and party. This is what some selected men of Elder think their favorite faculty members did for New Year’s.

Freshman- Brett Toepfer

Brett Toepfer’s favorite faculty member is Mr. Kreimer. He thinks that Mr. Kreimer’s used his brain to help him celebrate the new year. Toepfer said, “He threw a rager, and he made his own fireworks with a biology set.”

Toepfer thinks that he would spend the two days before New Year’s making the fireworks. Then he would invite his friends over for a New Year’s Eve “rager”.

Mr. Kreimer’s partying may be over, but he is definitely one of the brighter men I have met, I have no doubt that, if he wanted, he could build fireworks.

Sophomore- Ben Johnson

Mr. Kreimer from

Sticking with the theme Ben Johnson also chose Mr. Kreimer as his favorite faculty member, but he has a different idea as to what Mr. Kreimer did to celebrate the new year. Johnson said, “He ate Oreos and drank milk while watching the ball drop and grading biology tests.”

This is quite different from what Toepfer thinks Mr. Kreimer did, but it is just as believable. Mr. Kreimer loves his Oreos, and it is never a bad time to grade Biology tests. This man just loves Oreos and Biology.

He ate Oreos and drank milk while watching the ball drop and grading biology tests

— Ben Johnson

Junior- Eli Guck

Eli Guck is a cross country runner, and he chose to talk about what his head coach, Coach Spencer, did for New Year’s Eve. Guck told me Coach Spencer made fireworks, but not the same kind of fireworks as Mr. Kreimer. Guck said, “(Coach Spencer) spent all night at the gun range.”

Coach Spencer has made it known in the past the owns a few guns, and he does enjoy shooting them.

Senior- Zach Fries

Mr. Weinheimer did not do what a lot of Americans do on New Year’s Eve. According to Zach Fries, “He read some Emerson and Thoreau.”

Emerson and Thoreau are, of course, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. They were both essayist who wrote a book about Transcendentalism. Transcendentalism is a religious, philosophical, and literary movement that began in New England, and lasted from the 1830s- 1850s.

Faculty member- Mr. Espelage

Mr. Espelage chose to talk about what he thinks Mr. Reuben did for New Year’s Eve. He pictured Mr. Reuben as a gambler saying, “He spent New Year’s at the Jack with Pacman.”

Obviously Mr. Reuben has had a different past couple of days than Adam “Pacman” Jones, but they were having a good ole time together on New Year’s. Mr. Reuben and Pacman were like two peas in a pod.

These are all different ways Elder faculty members celebrate the beginning of a new year. They all started it off with their own kind of party. To all of Elder’s faculty members: may the party never end.