Larry Legend goes to Colorado


Mr. Weinheimer, aka Larry Legend, decided to go to Colorado for a couple days a couple weeks back.

As you may know, Mr. Weinheimer has built himself a reputation around the school. One of the most common reputations he has acquired is being a hippie. Mr. Weinheimer is a laid back person. Although his classwork can be brutal at times, he is still an easy going guy.

Mr. Weinheimer, his wife, and another couple, decided to go to Colorado because he has never been there in the winter.

The first day, Saturday, they decided to go to Breckenridge, where they snowshoed and cross country skied.

Although I have never snowshoed or even skied in general, this seems like it would be a total blast, especially with some of the views they were getting.

I wanted to see if Mr. Weinheimer enjoyed the skiing in Colorado.

He said, “It was awesome. Rentals for the whole day. Trails were awesome. We didn’t run into anybody the whole time. The beautiful views, the slopes, it was awesome.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounded like it was pretty awesome.

Their second day there, on Sunday, they decided to go to Red Rocks where they hiked around on a couple trails, went to a museum, and even saw some bands perform, one of which was the Grateful Dead.

This trip perfectly describes Mr. Weinheimer. Colorado seems like the perfect destination for him, with all the views, skiing, and even the rock bands he saw perform.

Larry Legend is known for his hippie attitude around the halls here at Elder, and this trip to Colorado only exemplifies that personality even more.