Quatman moderates the section


Mr. Q keeping the cheering section calm before the storm vs. Cov. Cath

As many already know, Fridays are just different in Price Hill.

The spirit of Elder is very much alive everyday of the week, but especially on Friday. School spirit is something that is very important at Elder. On Fridays, the people who don’t play that sport are always out there supporting their boys. From cheering to yelling, and everything else, there is nothing like being in the cheering section.

Mr. Quatman, who is an English and Film Study teacher, along with a Cross Country and Track coach, gets the opportunity to moderate the cheering section every week for football. Just in the past four years here, there have been many nails biter games where Elder has pulled through. If you look closely, sometimes you can see Mr. Q getting just as hyped as some of the students.

Mr. Q with the section before storming the Pit

Mr. Quatman is a graduate of Elder from 2012, and he loves giving back to this school. I asked him about some of his favorite cheering section themes, cheers, and best games he’s attended in The Pit. Mr. Q’s favorite cheer is shoulder shoulder because he thinks everyone gets hyped for it. His favorite theme is a blackout at home because it is usually against Moeller. He said his top three favorite games have been, Clearwater in 2019, 2009 Colerain game on ESPN when he was a sophomore, and 2021 Moeller game a couple weeks back. The craziest moments he’s experienced while doing this job was all of the 2019 playoff run, and especially the final drive stop vs St. X at Mason.

The cheering section is always there for the boys who are playing, and that will never change. Especially after not being able to go to games because of Covid, students should be eager as ever to go out and support the Panthers.

Some of my personal favorite high school memories have came from playing sports, but also going to a great game and cheering on my friends. Some of the memories made at sporting events are the ones that will last forever. These are things you will only get to do for four years, so go out and support your buds because the 12th man is the fans, and in The Pit, the fans never disappoint.