Who is that famous guy in room 303?

Elder’s Help Desk is manned by Ed Sheeren look alike, Cory Amodio.


Jacob Hofmeyer and photoshop

According to the author and several others, Elder’s Cory Amodio and Ed Sheeran bear a striking resemblance.

Do you think Cory Amodio looks like Ed Sheeren? I decided I had to  interview many people about this same question.

Corey Amodio is part of Elder’s Tech Department. He is often seen with his headphones while he sits at his desk on his computer. I did get a chance to interview Mr. Corey Amodio and ask him if he thinks he look or has any resemblance of Ed Sheeran?

Mr. Amodio working hard with his headphones in

His response was what you would think it would be, “I do not see myself looking like him at all or resembling any features of his.”

However, this may be I have interviewed many people around the halls of Elder including the other staff members of the tech department and they had a different answer.

I interviewed Tyler Bertke, who sits right next to Amado every day at work in room 303. We pulled up pictures of Ed Sheeren and then looked at Mr. Amodio and he said, “Yes!” Then I asked him what he thinks  looks most alike, hair, facial features, beard, etc.

He said, “I think the facial features, hair, and the facial hair look alike.”

I also had a chance to interview staff members from the alumni office. I asked Mr. Bill if he thinks they look alike and he said, “There is a resemblance, the skin tone, and hair look like Ed Sheeran’s.”

Then I asked Mrs. Neimer who is also part of the alumni office, what she thinks. She had a different type of answer, saying, “Yes, but the beard on Ed Sheeran is straggly.”

I also asked some of his co-workers in the admissions office like Mr. Joe Pieper and Mr. Brian Hiles.  Mr. Pieper’s response was a good one as he excitedly screamed, “Yes! The beard color, they both have those red beards”.

Jacob Hofmeyer
Corey Amodio looking good

While Mr. Pieper was very fascinated with this, Mr. Hiles simply said, “Yes”, and walked away.

These are just some of the people I have interviewed, but what are your thoughts?

When you walk through the third floor hallway look in room 303, get a good look at Corey Amodio, and I think you will see the same thing as I see and the rest of these people do, that he looks like Ed Sheeran.