Weight room doozies: overplayed songs

Weight room doozies: overplayed songs

The weight room is an area at Elder high school that represents the ideal Elder student perfectly. Hard working in all areas of life, a guy who you know is going to give 110% at everything he does.

But when it comes to the weight room there is one thing the students think could use a little change. The music.

Coach Rankin has asked for suggestions for his playlist more times than I can count but very few people have actually given him songs. Coach Rankin’s playlist is filled with weight room classics from the past 30 years, but some students find some songs are a tad bit over played.

We have comprised a list of songs that are the most overplayed in the weight room. The ones that you know every word to but not on purpose. These songs were good the first few times but hearing them three times a week makes your head start to hurt.

  1. Work – this was the first song that came to the mind of many student athletes when asked about overplayed weight room songs. Pierre Crawford was quoted as saying “that song plays in my head on repeat now, I’ve just heard it too many times at this point.”
  2. We Own It – Personally I never loved this song. This one actually still gets me hyped every once in a while but it doesn’t really do much for me on most days.
  3. Man in the Box – This is the one with a ton of screaming in the beginning. Kids like Ban Siefke love this one but to the rest of the guys in there it’s just another one that you try to tune out.
  4. Started from the Bottom – Great song… if this were 2013. I like Drake just as much as the next guy but this one just got old over time. This one also gets kids like Justin Haas trying to rap mid-set and the rest of us don’t want to see or hear that nonsense.
  5. Hustle – Rick Ross uses the same beat in 85% of his songs so this one was easy to get tired of.
  6. Lose yourself – Anything by Eminem is a cliché but this one is by far the worst. I’m not an Eminem fan because I’m not in 7th grade anymore so you could say I’m biased but the energy seems to drop a little every time this one comes on
  7. Kill a man – Junior Adam Hamman said, “That screaming kill a man song makes me want to hit my head on a 45 pound plate.” Just about every day this one comes on and heeds negative reaction from the guys in there.
  8. 2 phones – “Kevin Gates more like Kevin Garbage” – Justin Donovan. As Justin put it, this man makes awful music. “Kevin Gates is the best rapper out there” – Nobody ever.

Coach Rankin is one hell of a guy who gives everything and a little more to the student athletes at Elder High School and this article is in no way belittling him. The playlist could use some work, though, just a little change from time to time.