The frattiest guy alive

For every senior looking for advice on college next year, did you ever consider joining a fraternity? If so, then Jimmy Tatro is your guy. He has all the best advice for incoming college freshman interested in joining a frat.

Tatro is a comedian and easily the funniest guy on YouTube and Vine. However there is a dilemma. He is not considered “Vine Famous”. If you know Tatro, you realize how funny he is in his many videos.

His classic “Let’s make a Video about it” parts 1-7 are hilarious videos made just ranting about everyday college and normal life. Tatro goes in depth about serious life issues like etiquette on going to the gym or going to certain parties.

Reasons Why I Hate Facebook” is another great short video by Tatro. It talks about all the reasons on why he hates Facebook. He tells it how it is and says the things we all want to say, but don’t have the courage to say out loud.

“He’s definitely the funniest man on YouTube with his weekly posts on Monday, I just love watching him,” said senior Alex Singler.

“He’s funny, his videos are hilarious like his last one where they run around with glass bottles hitting each other on the head and seeing their reactions on hidden cameras,” said senior Luke Deters.

Vine was the app that was sweeping the nation over the summer. There are a lot of funny people on Vine and they can be considered “Vine Famous”.

But Tatro is not considered Vine famous yet.  He has over a couple million followers, and is easily one of the funniest people on Vine, but he is not Vine famous? It baffles me and a lot of others.

Tatro’s best Vines are definitely the “Pistasch-chios”, where he talks in a Mexican accent during the bit. Another great Vine has been the “Why My Windows are Tinted.” In this Vine, he basically dances to a lot of funny music and embarrasses himself, but don’t worry, his windows are tinted.

In conclusion, Jimmy Tatro is easily the frattiest guy alive.