Fresh faces of Elder


JP Owens

New faces at Elder this year: (left to right) Mr. Roush, Mr. Fuell (IT director), Mr. Grimm, Miss Kurzhals, Mrs. Iori (bookkeeping)

If you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior then you have porbably been seeing some new, fresh and unfamiliar faces this year. You’ve probably seen Mr. Roush (Math), Mr. Grimm (English), Miss Kurzhals (Religion), and Miss Kohring (Guidance). These teachers blend in with the students because of their young look and energetic attitudes so they’re hard to spot sometimes. Keep your eyes peeled because even though you may think you’ve seen an overly dressed student, you’re probably seeing one of the four newest faces of Elder.

Mr. Roush who is originally from a town just north of Dayton, went to the University of Miami for Math and then Mount St. Joseph. Although Mr. Roush is new here at Elder, he’s got a lot of experience of teaching Math and coaching wrestling at Glen Este High School just east of Cincinnati.

This year I was one of the lucky seniors to get Mr. Roush for math. Mr. Roush is a great teacher whose first instinct is to make sure the students understand and comprehend the material that he teaches. With his thorough lessons and disciplined worth ethic anybody could do well in his class. When asking coach what he likes most about Elder he said that he likes the high expectations, school spirit and tradition. He told me a little about the wrestling program and its expectations for this season. He said that he’s returning two state qualifiers and eight district qualifiers. With those numbers, Elder wrestling has a lot of potential for this season. He also stated it’s going to be interesting to watch the kids adapt to the new coaching change since coach McCoy left. In Mr.Roush’s free time he likes watching sports, movies and hanging out with his family.

Miss Kurzhals is Elder’s newest female teacher. She is a Seton graduate who went on to attended UC earning her Associates in Applied Science and then went back to school to Mount St. Joe for her Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies. She is also a registered veterinarian technician. When being asked what she enjoys most about Elder she said she loves the humble pride we have and said she also loves the big family Elder portrays. Miss Kurzhals feels very comfortable teaching in an all-boys’ school because of the fun, creative, energetic and respectful vibes the her students give off.  Miss Kurzhals’ hobbies include cycling, watching, wine tasting, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends. With Miss Kurzhals’ friendly and laid back attitude there’s no doubt that she’ll do a great job as a religion teacher and fulfilling Mr. Laake’s spot this year.

Mr. Grimm is Elder’s newest English teacher who is also a 2006 Elder Grad. During his time at Elder he played soccer and volleyball. He is also a graduate of THE Ohio State University where he majored in Secondary Education in English. Along with English must go History, the two go hand and hand. said Mr. Grimm. So any of those who have Mr. Grimm now or in the future expect on learning a little History in your English class. During Mr. Grimm’s four years at Elder he said he enjoyed having teachers such as Mr. Alig, Mr.Kreimer, Mr.Acito, and Mr.Tierney. Mr.Grimm said since coming back to Elder and teaching English, it’s hard to call his co-workers by their first names rather than Mr. and Mrs. When asked about if his young age is a pro or con, he said it’s definitely a pro because it allows him to relate to students and their problems. In Mr. Grimm’s free time, he enjoys golfing and coaching Elder volleyball. Overall, Mr.Grimm said it’s been fun so far and he’s learned a lot in the process and it’s great to be back!

Last, is Miss Kohring who is Elder’s newest intern in Guidance Counseling. She is a Lakota West graduate who is attending UC to become a guidance counselor. She says she likes interacting with the students and embracing her young age to relate with the students. She also stated that she doesn’t feel like she has to put on an act when working with younger people because she feels comfortable enough being herself.  Miss Kohring will be here till May when she graduates!

Overall I felt a great energetic vibe from all four teachers and I’m excited to see what they’ll mold into as teachers over the years. I already know they will do a great job fulfilling the roles of past teachers. From The Quill to the new faces of Elder, we wish you guys and girls a warm welcome and good luck for the rest of the year.