Apple take over?

Are Apple products taking over the world? Every product that they launch flies off the shelves in the matter of seconds. The most recently launched device, the Apple iPhone 5s, is currently back ordered to up to a month. I currently went to purchase the new phone a week upon it releasing and was informed I wouldn’t receive it for over a month.

Apple products are extremely easy to use. My family just recently purchased an iPad for my 87 year old grandmother and now she is Skyping, Tweeting, and FaceBooking, the whole works. Steve Jobs’ number one goal when creating his products was to be able to do just this. To be able to simply hand one of his products to someone who wouldn’t consider themselves “Technologically advanced” and be able to use the device to its full potential.

Jobs was made aware that his goal was met when he handed the iPod to a child in Africa who had never seen a computer in his life and he started to play around on it. Maneuvering around the technology like a pro. I saw this easy to use technology first hand when seeing how easily my grandma of 87 years could use the device.

Apple has the world in the palm of its hand. Whenever there is even a rumor of a new product coming out, everyone is constantly searching for any possible details or the release date. The IOS7 for example, just simply new software was the topic of the week upon its release time. Everyone with an apple product was talking about it.

If you have multiple apple devices, syncing all your software to each device is done automatically through iCloud which is one of the most useful features in my opinion.

Another key component to Apple being such an amazing company is their stores. The people are extremely polite, intelligent, willing to help, more than any other company I have come across. If I ever have a problem with my Apple device (which is rare) I always call Apple directly instead of dealing with my phone company. Going through Apple is so much easier, efficient and cost effective.

Did you know that in June of 2011 the Apple Company had six billion more dollars than the US government? A company founded from a guy who didn’t graduate college at one point had more money than our government. Jobs is the sole reason Apple is the company that it is today. On his death bed in October of 2011 he was working on his next product, while dying he was still working… The man never quit.

“They could do whatever they want and people would still buy their products,” senior Andrew Cole said.

This couldn’t be more true in my opinion. Basically the only improvements they made from the iPhone 4 to the 5 are making the screen a little larger and a new charger. This made them billions. They created a brand and a product that everyone wants and feels they must have. That’s a successful business.

With Microsoft recently buying out Nokia to dive into the Tablet race competing with the iPad, Apple responded by releasing the 5s and 5c to put them in their place. In my opinion Apple will always be the leading company in electronics. They already have plans to release Apple eye glasses with extremely advanced technology along with Apple watches.

Whenver a company tries to compete with Apple, they will just release a new ground breaking, world changing technology. Steve Jobs instilled a work ethic, drive, dream and vision that will make sure the company he created will always remain on top.